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Bernard’s Diary by S.L. Danielson: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Bernard’s Diary

by S.L. Danielson

Jack nodded and tucked his pen away. “Your body’s been through a big strain, you definitely need your rest.” 

“Especially a body this big.” He smoothed his hands over his large stomach as if he were a very pregnant woman. “I’m so sick of being obese, but I don’t think it’s in me to stop, as much as I’d like to.” 

Jack caught the man’s eyes. “We all have the power, Ber—” 

This speech was all too familiar. Bernard held up his hand to stop him. “Doc, please. 

Don’t. My mom and family have tried all kinds of things. I only got fatter and sadder. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be surly with you, but things just haven’t gone my way for about the last 30 years.” 

A welcome sight entered the room when Nancy returned with a tray of food for him which he engulfed in front of the doctor and nurse. 

“Damn, I was starving. I guess if I’m gonna have to live, I’ll have to eat too. Can’t keep my boyish figure without it.” He held up the clear plastic fork and twirled it slightly and smirked. “Ah, plastic utensils. The sure sign I’m under suicide watch.” 

Dr. Jack and Nancy exchanged looks. Bernard saw their expressions and shrugged. 

“Remember, I’ve tried this before. It hasn’t worked yet, though. I keep getting saved by my neighbors or whomever. Besides, you guys are gonna watch me like a hawk, aren’t you?” 

“You’re right, we are. Not only is it local law, it’s our policy here too.” Jack replied with a stern look on his face. He stood up and patted the man’s arm. “You take care and get some rest. Maybe things will look clearer in the morning.” 

Bernard snorted and withheld a laugh. “I doubt it, but thank you. Good night, Doc. 

Oh hey! Shoot, did anyone call my mom? I know she’ll be worried sick.” 

Nancy went over to the station and checked the computer files. “We didn’t find anything on file for her. What’s her number?” 

Bernard stroked his large chin. “Damn. I swore I had her as my emergency contact. 

Well, anyway her number is 555-7260. She’ll be home. Trust me.” 

The nurse grinned. “I’ll call her right away. Does she know you’re suicidal?” 

“Yeah, she does.” 

“Just curious, why do you keep trying to end your life?” Nancy asked. 

Bernard sighed loudly and stifled a shudder of sadness. Believe it or not, he hated to talk about it. “I just have a whole lot of nothing going for me. I’ve had the same job, same apartment, and same look. If I’d try to change, it’d always fail. I’ve attempted to change things at least a dozen times and it bit me in the ass every single time. I can’t take the rejection anymore.” 

“Well you’ve got to hang in there, Bernard. What’re your goals and dreams?” Nancy asked cheerfully. 

What the hell, tell her. He sighed aloud and looked over at her. “I wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid. Set up my own courtroom and everything. Got good grades in school, did everything right. Then my college dreams were vanquished.” 

“What happened?” Jack inquired. 

Don’t make me think about this again. Bernard shook his head and he lower lip quivered as he fought tears. “I can’t talk about it…please; can I just get some sleep?” 

Jack and Nancy shared a look. “Of course. We’ll let you rest. There are tissues next to you. Remember, one of us is always here, and you’re under supervision, so no tricks up your sleeves, alright?” Jack finished with a serious look. “Good night, Bernard.” 

“Yeah, night.” 

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Waiting in the Wings by S.L. Danielson & Cheryl Headford: Exclusive Excerpt!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Waiting in the Wings

by S.L. Danielson & Cheryl Headford

Gently pushing Vince out of the way, Asher walked over to the computer and sat down.

Erik’s face appeared on the screen. “Morning, sleepyheads. How are you guys?”

“Oh, we’re great, just grand. Have a good night last night? Good gig? Nothing missing, was there?” Asher’s voice was so cold it could have frozen a path to hell.

“Something missing?” Erik paused for a second before he caught on to the reference. “You mean the wristband? Hon, I’ve no idea where it went. We looked all over and still couldn’t find it. Only thing we can figure is that it got lost in the moving process. I promise I’ll make sure it’s found, it means a lot to me, just like you do.” He looked softly at the screen. “I miss you, baby. Daisy misses you, too. Hey Vince. Keeping my man company?”

Vince could only nod at first. “Yeah. Trying to.”

“You guys don’t look so good. Is it too early over there or did you have a late night?” Erik sounded concerned.

“Yeah,” Asher said softly, “I think I know just how much the wristband means to you, and believe me, I have plenty of evidence of exactly how much I mean to you.” His voice shook, and he kept his head down. 

Erik sat forward in his seat. “Evidence? What’re you talking about?” He froze. “Asher…please tell me what you’re—”

“Who is he? How long have you been—” Asher stopped, his voice sounding choked with tears. “How long did it take you to replace me?”

“Replace you? No one can replace you!” Erik shot back. “Who the fuck are you talking about? Show me this evidence you have!” His soft look vanished and now his eyes glared back at the monitor. Motion behind him disturbed the picture, but as it resolved, Billy joined the scene.

“Dude…what the fuck? Hey, Vince!”

Vince felt like his heart might burst. He brushed tears off his face quickly. “Billy.”

Billy and Erik glanced at each other. “What’s going on over there?”

“What’s going on? You can ask that? It doesn’t matter what evidence we have. You know what happened. You cheated on us. Both of you! How could you? How the fuck could you? You’re a big ass singer now, let loose in the big city with the world at your feet. No doubt people are throwing themselves at you, but I never thought for a moment…” Asher wiped his eyes and laughed bitterly. “No, actually, I did think. I did know. I let myself believe you were different, that you were honest and truthful and strong, and I let myself believe you loved me. Trust me that’s not a mistake I’m ever going to make again.”

“Asher…” Erik paused. “I admit it,” he finally said quietly. “I was drunk, and so was he. He kissed me, and I kissed him back. We all went to a club together and…it doesn’t matter.” He shook his head. “The point is it happened, and I let it happen, even though I ended it. It never went any further than that, but it was enough to break my pledge to you.” He turned away from the camera, and Billy took over.

“Vince? It wasn’t planned. I’ll tell you that with all my heart. Like Erik said, we were drunk, and I was in a horrid mood, and…” He stopped, realizing how weak he sounded. “Never mind. It doesn’t matter at all, does it?” He reached up to the screen as if he could touch his boyfriend through it. “I’m so, so sorry, Vince. I hate myself for what I did.”

“Oh really? You hate yourself for kissing the man who’s been after you forever?” Vince flipped over the photo and stared at Billy and Connor kissing. “I knew I recognized him. I don’t remember his name, but he was there that night at the party. He’s wanted you for so long. Well, fine! Let him have you! You just ended us!” Fresh tears streamed down his face as he sat on the sofa’s edge.

“Wait!” Billy yelled as he looked at Erik. “Fuck! What the fuck did we do?”

“What did you do?” Asher asked quietly. “I’ll tell you what you did, both of you. You screwed up our lives…both of us.” He half turned and hooked Vince with one arm, pulling him into a hug. Vince rested his head on Asher’s shoulder and hid in his hair, sobbing, unable to look at the screen. “Take a good look, Billy. This is what you did. Proud of yourself? And as for you…  If you think I’m going to crumble and fall apart, think again. You’d better not come back here, because if I see your face again, I’m going to pound it into mincemeat.” Reaching up, Asher ripped the necklace from his neck, threw it at the screen, then disconnected the call.

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Coming Together by S.L. Danielson: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Coming Together

by S.L. Danielson

The morning ending the way it did had Sam’s mind reeling. The call from Amber nearly demanding that they meet up was less than nice. He knew his best friend had a temper, but that was no reason to just bitch at him!

He’d fulfilled his promise to Brett and after hanging up with Amber and agreeing on a time, he took Brett back to bed and finished what they’d started, but only after turning off the phone. Hell no, he wasn’t gonna be interrupted again like he had been earlier. It was all too risky.

Chad had texted of course, and when Sam said goodbye to Brett for the morning, he checked it at last. It was info on a meet ‘n’ greet at some ice convention that would be happening tomorrow.

Sam groaned. “Shit.” He didn’t like being dragged all over town and shaking lord knows how many hands. He loved the money and he certainly liked some of the fame, but this was getting ridiculous; even for him.

But of course, he had to admit, he liked a lot of it too. Winning the gold medal had been a life’s work come to fruition and his parents had never been happier with him; or he with himself. But the immediacy of the fame it brought on was overwhelming. Dammit, he hated doing this to Brett, but things were going right, at least as far as bringing in money for them to get their own place. Plus, he would pay his parents back for all the years of training and scraping by in order for him to do this. He owed them most of all.

He didn’t expect his friends to understand it; from what he’d heard, most famous athletes took the money and ran with it, building massive houses and buying fancy cars, and their lovers were usually right there by their side; but it wasn’t working out that way so far.

Brett and Amber just seemed to be pissed at him all the time, well almost all of it. At least for the few sweet hours he slept in his boyfriend’s arms, things were blissful and quiet and happy. 

“Dammit, why did I pick up the fucking phone?” Sam chastised himself as he got in his car and drove home. He had to get ready for this latest event; even though it was tomorrow. Chad wanted to take him on a tour first. Of course he did. Chad always wanted to take him places. He was his new best friend, right?

He should’ve known immediately that he wasn’t; Amber was. But the way he felt right now, she was close to being punted from that position.

As soon as he shut the car door and started walking towards his front door, Sam turned and saw Amber pulling up in the driveway, a very angry look in her eyes.

“Oh, shit.” Sam pushed his way inside, not waiting for his friend. He wanted to lock the door; but he knew she wouldn’t go away. So, he waited.

“Samuru. You are home early,” his mother commented.

“Yes, mama.” He barely turned his head to acknowledge her; keeping his focus on restraining Amber. “I have company here; Amber.” That’s all he wanted to tell them. No need to go into details. They were strictly on a need to know basis at this point.

He waited for Amber to come up to the door and she fairly snarled at him.

“You little…” she stopped when she saw his parents sitting there. “Good day to you, Mr. and Mrs. Ogawa.”

“Amber. Come inside. It has been a long time.”

Crap, no! Don’t let her stay. Not now, Sam moaned on the inside. He grabbed his friend’s hand and tugged her towards his room. “We have things to discuss, mama. We’ll be out later.” He made his best ‘it’s all good, mom’ face and hustled them down the hallway to his room and shut the door. He saw there was a piece of mail on his desk; he opened it but didn’t read it. He never had much of a chance with Amber hot on his heels.

“How dare you!” she started, her small but stinging hands poised and ready to strike him. “You’ve become a complete nightmare, you know that? I have half a mind to tell Brett that he’s better off staying away from you until you come back down to earth!”

Sam panicked and knew he was in deep, but he still believed deep in his soul that he could fix things if he just tried hard enough. He flopped down on the bed and tried to keep calm.

“Dammit, Amber….” He struggled for words. Tears came easier than anger for him; but at the moment the two were in too much of a blood feud for either to appear with much desire. He moaned and watched his friend sit beside him.

“I know, I know. Sammy, you’re killin’ me and Brett. You’re being the biggest brat on the planet and all I want to do lately is just shake you to death! What has this Chad bastard been filling your head with?” She leaned over him and looked like she’d slap him at any second.

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