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Cameron & Rylan by Valerie Ullmer: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Cameron & Rylan

by Valerie Ullmer

“You’re okay.  I won’t let anyone hurt you.  I promise I will protect you even if they are bigger than me.”

Along with his words, Cameron moved, swaying side-to-side, acting casual as he glanced around the room.  He noticed a man, several years older than Rylan, glaring as he scanned the club looking for someone.

“Are you okay?”

Rylan must have caught sight of the man again because he shivered in Cameron’s arms.  Instead of letting it overwhelm him, Rylan took a deep breath and wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist.

With his mouth still pressed against Cameron’s neck, he spoke.  “The man looking so angry is my brother’s best friend.”

By itself, there was nothing alarming in that statement, but Cameron paused when Rylan continued.

“Since I’m in college and I need to save money, I live with my father, James, and my older brother, Declan.  Since I’m an embarrassment to my family, I stay in the basement with a separate entrance.”

Cameron made a noise of disgust, but otherwise didn’t say a word.

“Declan’s best friend, Tristan, hates me.  But I haven’t seen him since he moved away after high school.  I didn’t know he was back in town.” Rylan sighed, as though he’d fought this battle before and lost.  “But now he’s back, I’ll move out.”

Cameron, hating the defeat in his voice, wrapped both arms around Rylan and pulled him closer, resting his cheek on top of Rylan’s head.  When he wrapped Rylan in his arms, Cameron felt the man relax against him. Rylan’s show of trust made all of Cameron’s protective instincts flare.

The most important thing was to get to know Rylan.

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