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Alien Eyes by Storm Caywood: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Alien Eyes

by Storm Caywood

He could hear Esihle’s footfalls as he entered the bedroom. “What to do… what to do?” Oh, he liked to heighten the drama (but then, Adil liked it, too.) He shivered more.

“Eyes closed.”

He obeyed, and was rewarded with a sharp slap to his arse.  Ah. Yes. The smacks continued, bringing heat to the surface of his skin, and the slight beginning of a blissed-out floating feeling to his mind. Yes. Please, yes. Then the hard slap of leather jolted him back to reality, the pain grounding him. Oh, Esihle was pushing him, and he loved this. It hurt. It took him beyond a fun game where Esihle just did what Adil wanted and into Esihle doing what they both needed, and he submitted to it.

He went deep. He soared. And he only came back to himself as the slaps decreased in intensity and frequency. When Esihle stroked his arse he felt the pain freshly and moaned.

“Beautiful,” Esihle said.

“Thank you.” Not for the compliment, not mostly.

“Oh, my darling. I’m not done with you. And you are welcome, to anything.” He began stroking between Adil’s cheeks, running his finger along his rim, pushing against it with his dry finger.  Adil would have taken anything in that moment. It was only a moment’s teasing before Adil felt himself being opened up with fingers and lube. And then Esihle’s cock sliding into him, every ridge known to his body, entering deeper until he was fully seated and the scales of his hips scraped Adil’s sore arse. Oh. He pulled almost all the way out then slammed in again, causing Adil to cry out.

This wasn’t how Yalapha generally fucked. They preferred more writhing and grinding, but oh, he was good at it, and Adil was so full, so whole, and so, so on edge. He’d been practically ready to come when he saw Esihle in the bathtub, and now he was aching for it. He squirmed against the quilt and Esihle pulled his hips up to stop him.

“No.” He slapped Adil’s arse for emphasis. “My way or not at all.”

Adil moaned. “Touch me, please.”

“I am touching you.”

“You fucking well know what I mean.”

Another slap. “Language. You really are being naughty today.  Was the belt not enough? Do you need the cane? Should we act out one of your holos?”

“Argh. Dammit. You know what talking like that does to me. And don’t make fun of my porn.”

“Oh, I’m being quite serious. Would you like that, Adil? Should I move you to the desk and cane you? Six of the best?”

Esihle’s authoritative voice speaking those words was enough to send him over the edge and he came, untouched.

Esihle slid out gently. “Do you feel good?”

“Oh, God, so good. You just… you know what I need.” Adil unfolded himself and stretched, then wrapped his arms around Esihle. So warm, solid, Adil let himself lean into his strength. Esihle stroked his back with soft hands. “I think we should head back to the shower. We’re almost out of free time.”

Adil looked at the clock. “Oh, shit. Well, this was a wonderful way to pass the afternoon.”

“It was. I have to pick up Sehthe in half an hour. Do you want to stay here and rest?”

“No, let’s go together today.”

They showered and dressed quickly. Adil put on his softest pants and loosest trousers but still felt the friction and thrilled. He imagined his afterglow, if harnessed, could solve the city’s energy crisis. As the streetcar neared the Children’s Center, that afterglow changed into something more diffuse, broader. When Sehthe ran out to greet them, he knew what it was.

This was his family, and he was in love.

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