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Freedom by E. Davies: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Freedom

by E. Davies

“Give it to me now.”

Henry stumbled as he locked up the mini-bus and pocketed the keys. “What?”

“The dirt. There’s no way you don’t have dirt. You haven’t said a word about your Grand Canyon trip.”

Trip leaned on the side of the bus next to him, scratching his short beard. His warm brown eyes were fixed on Henry, not letting him get away. They were just getting ready to take out a crowd of guys on a bachelor party.

God, it was hard to explain why this date had been so significant. It hadn’t seemed like Jaden was just experimenting, curious about trying it with a trans guy. And for Henry… feeling confident enough to disclose his past, face-to-face, for the first time in a year? Being treated just as himself in return? Then having the most unbelievably awesome sex of his life? It was like a dream come true.

“Ah, I dunno,” Henry said with a shrug and a smile, trying to deflect.

“Did you like him? Did you hate him? Who was it? What was he like?”

This, at least, Henry could say. “He was… amazing. Sweet, kind, gentle. A little bit quiet. Playful sense of humor. Really anxious, but I know how to help with that.”

“Is he your type?” Trip grinned. “Did you fuck?” Heat rose in Henry’s cheeks, and Trip gasped. “He is! You did!”

Trip knew more about Henry than some of his gay friends. It was hard to admit to them how little sex he had. But he and Trip told each other almost everything—usually much more on Trip’s side, given that distinctly lacking sex life.

“Okay, fine,” Henry grumbled and elbowed Trip on the way by. “If you’re gonna be a nosy bastard, yes, we did.”

“Whoa. That’s not like you.”

Henry bit his lip. There was no way he could explain how right it had felt. What a relief-filled high he’d been on, even to contemplate it. And how well it had turned out, coming so hard he just about saw stars—and at another man’s hand, rather than his own.

It was the stuff of years of fantasies for Henry. But it was too embarrassing to admit that a plain old handjob had left him floating on cloud nine.

“No, it’s not. But you only live once, right?” Henry finally met Trip’s gaze again and smiled at him. “And we have great chemistry. I’m going to see him as soon as we get back from this trip tomorrow.”

“Whoa!” Trip exclaimed. He beamed at Henry. “Look at you. Next up will be your U-Haul moment.”

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