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Honorary Blogger Edie Danford: Falling For A Song + Excerpt!


Falling For A Song

by Edie Danford

Hi, everyone! I’m excited to share my new book Second Song with you!

Healing, music, and love are big themes in the book, and, while I was writing it I found myself thinking a lot about how falling for a song is similar to falling in love, whether it’s a friendship, a romance, a long-term partnership, or a fling.

Sometimes you know immediately, from those first few notes or those first few moments after meeting someone, that it’s gonna hit a groove in your soul. I knew within five minutes of meeting my best friend in college that we were going to become forever-sisters!

And sometimes you notice the song or the person because it’s so dang jarring. There’s a beat or an attitude that catches your attention because it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You can’t get it out of your head. You’re intrigued and, over time, with more listens, more conversations, you’re hooked. This is how it was for me and my husband!

And then there are those times when a song or someone you meet is just ugh. Awful. Not your taste. But then something unexpected occurs—maybe your ears are in a different mood, or you see the person in a new light—and what once grated like nails on a chalkboard affects your senses with shocking smoothness. If this song were a romance novel, it would be enemies-to-lovers!

Well, when the heroes of Second Song meet and spend time together they go through a whole gamut of melodies.

At first it’s melancholy. They share a tragedy in their past and they’re unsure they can get beyond it. The tunes they inspire in each other might be too intense to bear.

But then, as they get to know each other, the tune changes and both men want to learn its layers, keep listening. Soon, it’s on both of their playlists, but neither of them knows it’s been put on Repeat!

When they’re forced to leave each other, the music stops and the silence is awful. In the end, they realize the unique harmony they make together is one they simply can’t live without. 

What’s better than a love song? A love song with a happy ending!

Thanks so much for reading and for having me on the blog!

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