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Book Review: Time: Wounds All Heal by Princess S.O.

Reviewed by JustJen

29765171Title: TIME: Wounds All Heal
Author: Princess S.O.
Series: Teddy Bear Collection 4
Heroes: Channing Maroussas/Chris Sayer
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 220 Pages
Publisher: Princess S.O.
Release Date: April 1, 2016
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb:  The Skeptic: “If all this had truly been staged, people would’ve figured it out and demanded the government come out about it.”
The Journalist: “It’s easy to fool a person— It’s quite another to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Even with the blanket of tattoos that covered both his arms and most of his upper chest, or the face hidden under the hair that constantly fell over his eyes, Channing Maroussas was likely the most beautiful man Chris Sayer had ever met. He was thankful they were close friends as it excused him for any lingering glances. Channing was a bird of brightly lit feathers perched in a world of darkness. But his gift wasn’t just about being beautiful; it was what he could see. He could be in a room full of people, a field emptied of life, reading a newspaper, or overhearing a conversation on the bus— and what was unseen and unheard by others spoke volumes to him. Channing saw what the rest of the world never slowed down long enough to notice, though once pointed out, furies and passions flourished. It was voices like Channing’s that broke the silence of ignorance. His voice just happened to be recorded between the pages of TIME magazine.

Chris Sayer has known Channing for years. But not even that can broker some rules of silence. Chris’s government job is so secretive he can’t even tell his best friend who he works for, which doesn’t help his disagreement over Channing’s journalistic views on global current events. He likes it even less when he finds out Channing left for Syria to cover a story. After Channing accusing the leading presidential elective Nolan Prumpt of inciting hate mongering and fascism, a trip through the greatest hot zone on the planet was like wanting to wash a pill down with poison. But when news got out that Channing had gone missing, Chris knew better than to believe the accusations that his best friend may have changed sides and was now considered an enemy of the state. The one thing Chris did know was he needed to do everything in his power to find Channing before anyone else did. If for no other reason but to let him know how he feels about him.
Time— it’s not long enough — yet with enough of it, wounds all heal.

TO THE READERS: You’re not going to like this one. In fact, you might even hate it, because its theme is going to challenge your political beliefs— it’s going to make you question who is whom— make you think about things you don’t want to think about. It’s going to mess up your pretty little organizer box of uncrushed bows. You’re not going to like it because it’s easy to fool a person— quite another to convince them they’ve been fooled—
In the end, it will either piss you off or open your eyes, because its story is based on factual recorded statements of key members of the US Department of Foreign Policies.
A conspiracy is out there, it’s only a conspiracy because we haven’t the evidence to connect all the dots yet.
But don’t worry, this story isn’t all about politics and conspiracies, it’s about two men and how they live and survive in all that mess we call our country and the media. And how love manages to squeeze past all of that and find them
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Book Review: Big Spoon & Teddy Bear by Princess S.O.

Reviewed by JustJen

1Title: Big Spoon & Teddy Bear
Author: Princess S.O.
Series: Teddy Bear Collection #2
Heroes: Gage/Boomer
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 113 Pages
Publisher: Princess S.O.
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Smashwords
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Blurb:  For years Gage has been turning men into steel, athletes into warriors of strength, competitors into medalists. But Gage isn’t looking for any more empty trophies, he’s looking for something far more meaningful.

When Gage takes a new job at an old gym, he doesn’t expect his entire life to get a workout, just a change of pace. At first it doesn’t seem like much and about the only plus is the endless view of rugged and well worked man-candy in the form of weightlifters and Strongman competitors that he’d be training and working with. He figures he has it made the minute he walks in the front door in that sense. But in truth, it isn’t enough. He wants a place to set down roots. More importantly, he wants someone to take root with.

Because he’s gay, Gage had always been told to just be happy with what he got, but there’s something about Boomer. A quiet, towering mountain of a Bear that was the gym’s manager who has Gage hoping for more than just daydreaming about the large physique. And that alone promises to put a spark back into the life of a lonely, freckled ginger.
You’re never too old for a teddy bear, right?
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