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Vampire Week Review: Swarm by Jordan Castillo Price

Guest Reviewed by Morgan 

5Title: Swarm
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Series: Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion #9
Heroes: Michael/Wild Bill
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 65 Pages
Publisher: JCP Books
Release Date: August 13, 2012
Available at:  JCP Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb:  Enigmatic guys are hot. Michael is of the opinion, though, that Wild Bill manages to take it to an entirely new level.

For some time, Michael has suspected that Bill has done more than just dabble in art. As with every other piece of his personal history, Bill plays his cards close to his chest. But when he lets on that a mural he painted before his change might still exist, Michael is dying to see it—and Bill has never been good at saying no.

Only fragments of the building remain, but it’s possible Wild Bill’s painting is still there. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more in the ruins than Bill and Michael bargained for.
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