Nikyta’s December Roundup

I’ve had amazingly good luck in the books I’ve picked to read lately. I don’t know if it’s because school has been out for winter break so I’ve been less stressed or because work isn’t as busy or maybe I’ve just really been picking some good ones but whatever it is I’ve been devouring books left and right.

Just in the last two weeks of December, I’ve managed to read eight, count them EIGHT, novel length stories in addition to a bunch of smaller novellas. It’s been MONTHS since I’ve even been able to read that many novels in two weeks let alone enjoy them all to the point of staying up to four in the morning to read, only getting three hours sleep, dealing with sleep deprivation the whole day…. then doing it all over again that night. And I loved every single minute of it.

Okay, so maybe eight novels in two weeks isn’t that big a deal for some of you (because I realize we are all book addicts here) but to me? That’s seriously amazing! I just haven’t had the time or attention span to stick with a novel for longer than a few chapters but these last two weeks have broken that cycle for moi!

With 2013 just ended, I wanted to give a shout out to the authors and books that have increased the bags under my eyes in hopes that 2014 will bring some attention to them, maybe give a reader a new author to try or even make you realize there’s still that one book by a favorite author you haven’t read yet.  So here goes:

After the Sunset Pen Name - Doctor Chicken Old Loyalty, New Love The Fall
The Trouble With Tony Beneath the Surface Clean Sweep Written in Red

I’ll be reviewing each of these books eventually on TBG at later dates (except for Written in Red, which was reviewed earlier today) but I just wanted to post a brief mention of what books I’ve enjoyed so much they’ve kept me up all night. Click on the cover to explore the details of the book and if you haven’t already tried them and you find them interesting, give it a shot. They were worth it for me 🙂

So, what kinds of books have you been reading that have kept you up all night?

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5 thoughts on “Nikyta’s December Roundup

  1. How do you get the cover images to line up so nicely?

  2. Hahaha, thanks, HC!

    Kyle, the paper background is part of the theme we used for the blog and only appears whenever the author of the post comments. Pretty cool right?!

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