February Theme Week!

Well, now, it’s the second week of February and you know what that means right?? It’s time for another Theme Week!

Yay! We’re excited, are you excited?!

Can you guess what it is?? We’ll give you a hint… It’s something we all enjoy (although some of us read it more than others).  Hehehe

Okay, okay. This week’s Theme Week is….. *crickets, crickets*

Sleuth Week!

Woooooooohooooooo! We know you’re going to love it because we’ve got loads of reviews in store for this week.

Some m/m, some m/f… some contemporary, some urban fantasy… some funny, some suspense and everything in between! Errr, or at least a few things in between 😛

Seriously, it’s going to be a great week! Our first Sleuth Week review will go live soon and we honestly hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed reading these books.

As with last month, we’ll still have our regularly scheduled reviews posting as well so it won’t all just be about sleuths 😀

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

~The Blogger Girls

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6 thoughts on “February Theme Week!

  1. Trish

    Looking forward to it! Not looking forward to my TBR doubling though 😛

  2. We love you too Trish 😘

  3. younela

    My bank card just broke down in tears Hehehehe

  4. LMAO. Awww, there there now *pat, pat* everything will be alright!

  5. I love sleuthing! The Adrien English books are obviously wonderful examples, and also one of my favourite Lanyons, A Snowball in Hell. Give me more recs!

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