Sleuth Week Review: The Psychic and the Sleuth by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon

Reviewed by Heather C

13594541Title: The Psychic and the Sleuth
Author: Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon
The Heroes: Robert Court & Oliver Marsh
Genre: M/M Historical Romance, Mystery
Length: Novel
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: January 17, 2012
Available at: Samhain PublishingAmazonAll Romance eBooks & Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf at: Goodreads & Booklikes

Blurb: Trusting a psychic flash might solve a mystery…and lead to love.

Inspector Robert Court should have felt a sense of justice when a rag-and-bones man went to the gallows for murdering his cousin. Yet something has never felt right about the investigation. Robert’s relentless quest for the truth has annoyed his superintendent, landing him lowly assignments such as foiling a false medium who’s fleecing the wives of the elite.

Oliver Marsh plays the confidence game of spiritualism, though his flashes of insight often offer his clients some comfort. Despite the presence of an attractive, if sneering, non-believer at a séance, he carries on—and experiences a horrifying psychic episode in which he experiences a murder as the victim.

There’s only one way for Court to learn if the young, dangerously attractive Marsh is his cousin’s killer or a real psychic: spend as much time with him as possible. Despite his resolve to focus on his job, Marsh somehow manages to weave a seductive spell around the inspector’s straight-laced heart.

Gradually, undeniable attraction overcomes caution. The two men are on the case, and on each other, as they race to stop a murderer before he kills again.

Product Warnings:

Graphic language and hot male/male sex with light BDSM themes. Despite “Descriptions of Murderous Acts” perpetrated by an unhinged killer, resist the temptation to cover your eyes—you’ll miss the good parts!


Another good Dee/Devon collaboration.

Inspector Robert Court has been assigned to debunk Oliver Marsh, the questionable medium who makes a living swindling the wealthy with promised communications with their dead loved ones. When Court goes undercover at one of Marsh’s seances, Marsh has his first real psychic experience when he channels the murder of Court’s cousin. Even more suspicious now, Court accompanies Marsh to his home, where, urm, Court gets a bit off task *hint, hint*. Suddenly, Marsh begins to have more experiences regarding the murder, a murder that Court really isn’t supposed to be looking into at all. To Court’s surprise, he actually believes Marsh is telling the truth…and the two men need to prove it before another girl gets murdered.

While this isn’t my favorite book by these two authors, I most certainly did enjoy it. I LOVE ghost stories, and even though this one didn’t actually have a ghost walking around in it, it did have those creepy spirit channeling episode of the murder that were definitely scary!

I was really liking the chemistry between Court and Oliver in the beginning, and their early sexual encounters were totally HOT! But the puppy play scene totally turned me off. I went into the story knowing there would be a scene like that, and I really didn’t think it would bother me. It didn’t exactly bother me, but I didn’t understand it and somehow I believe it caused me to lose the connection I had with the characters. After that, I was no longer really into their sexual relationship and the romance, and became only focused on the mystery…

The mystery itself wasn’t much of a mystery at all since the bad guy was suspected fairly early on. But I did enjoy seeing how Court and Oliver figured it out and was able to prove it in the end.

Surprisingly, by the final chapter, I wanted to see more of these two together. I really liked how they had planned out their future together.

Overall Impression: I Liked It!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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