Early Review: The Cross and the Trinity by Elizabeth Lister

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: The Cross and the Trinity
Author: Elizabeth Lister
Heroes: Tate/Sebastian/James
Genre: M/M/M BDSM
Length: 187 pages
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date:  March 28, 2014
Available at: MLR Press
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: *graphic sexual and BDSM content*

Tate and Sebastian are having trouble maintaining a successful monogamous relationship. When trust is betrayed and old friends reappear, the men are faced with the challenge of making things work or changing the way they will be together. Nobody ever said relationships were easy, and when sexy Dom James Lucas swoops in at the right time, things get even more complicated. Or do they? Do gay men have to tow the traditional line, or is there room for a new definition of true love?

Note: This book is the sequel to Byeond the Edge.


I have been so excited for this book.  I remember liking so many things about Beyond the Edge, from the realistic feel and likable characters to the smoking hot sex scenes.  One aspect that left me saddened at the end, however, was that even though I understood Tate and Sebastian’s decision to devote themselves to one another, I wanted so much more for James.

The Cross and the Trinity picks up with Tate and Sebastian continuing with their relationship, although some issues have arisen.  Tate is having to work a lot of extra hours at his job which, after months and months, is leaving Sebastian a bit attention starved.  Tate comes up with a solution in the form of a puppy, but that seems to backfire in more ways than one.  There is also the issue of Tate not being able to forget about James to the point where he consistently dreams about him.  It is obvious these guys love and care about each other, but they both are at such loose ends about different things.

Then James is back in the picture, and it is like a breath of fresh air all over again.  He still has feelings for Tate but goes out of his way to not get between Tate and Sebastian’s relationship.  He even goes so far as to mediate for them when things are brought to a head.  Here is where one of the main things I love about this story really starts to take shape.  While Tate and Sebastian have been getting along with being the dom/submissive each other needs, it is obvious they are only playing or testing those roles.

James is the missing piece to this puzzle, and he fits perfectly.  For example, Tate doesn’t seem to ever fully understand Sebastian’s puppy play needs, not is Sebastian ever really able to dominate Tate the way he needs.  But James is able to that and then some.  He is exactly what each of them need and he is confident and knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  They are each considerate of what the other needs, all of them conscious of not leaving one of them out at any time.  This is definitely a ménage that works well in favor of all parties, and for that reason, it is on my favorite ménage shelf.

As for the BDSM scenes, I find them very well written and believable and just a pleasure to read.  If nothing else, I looked forward to this book for that reason alone with the rest being an added bonus.  They do take things a step further than last time with some fisting, but it is done in such a way that makes it more personal, as opposed to just something done in a scene.  There are plenty of other fabulous scenes as well covering kinks we already got a taste of in the first book, and they are just as hot, if not hotter, this time around.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, though when the guys all get on the same page is when it really took hold for me.  I wanted to read this slowly so as to savor it to the very last page.  I was still sad when I got to the end, as I was not ready to say goodbye to these guys just yet.  I will be jumping for joy when news of seeing them again hits my radar, and in the meantime, have definitely added Ms. Lister to my auto-read list.

Overall Impression: It was amazing

*I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review.*

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