Honorary Blogger Jayson James: How T.E.D. Came to Be + Giveaway


How T.E.D. Came to Be

by Jayson James

Let me start out by thanking The Blogger Girls for having me as the guest blogger today. Although this is not the first time I have been asked to be a guest blogger, as I thought about what I was going to write I became more excited. By the time I sat down (the first three times) I was so giddy, I could not write.

Today I am here to talk about my newest book, T.E.D. It is about three guys whose lives intertwine as they each deal with the struggles that come along with being teenagers and the mounting problems in each of their lives.

I thought I would talk about how T.E.D. came to be. The idea was one I’d had for several years, but kept in my head. The initial story was about a character who wrote journal entries about the frequent abuse and bullying he was dealing with at school. His best friend happened to be a girl and although those around him thought they should be more than friends, the attraction was missing. This boy is labeled a “fag” although he is not gay. One character in particular keeps on hounding him in hopes to win over his friend. This boy ends up killing himself. Then the story dealt with the struggles and experiences of the best friend and the bully left behind.

I can imagine what you, the reader might be thinking, “Wait a minute, he just gave away the plot of his book.” Have no fear. When I started writing the book, the story changed. As you can see by the cover, there are three guys standing together. The girl best friend became a guy and I twisted and tweaked the plot quite a bit.

Like all my previous published books, T.E.D. Takes place in Chandler, Washington. For those who have my “Finding Their Way” series this story takes place when Derrick, Justin and gang are in middle school. There are a few characters that readers of my other books will recognize in this book.

Something I often get emails about (and some critiques) is writing books that shift from each characters’ point of view. In T.E.D., as with my previous three books, I thought that the story would be better told from each characters’ perspective although here Eric and Delsin’s parts are told in third person. I felt this gave the story flow and let the reader gain a deeper insight into the events taking place around Tim’s journal entries.

T.E.D. focuses on three guys that are all flawed, yet likable characters. I wanted them to be real people that my readers could identify with emotionally and also relate to on some level. Tim is a kid you feel sorry for and you want to give him advice how to better his life, and eventually you want to tell to quit being a wimp. Eric is a character hiding his fear of being discovered by picking on others. Delsin is supportive and does what he can, but is dealing with his own issues. Their lives are connected, having an effect on the others.

I am excited to have released a book that is outside of my popular series and I hope that my current readers are as pleased with the new cast of characters as I am.


About Jayson James

Jayson James graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. He was born and raised in Washington State, where he currently lives and teaches. The farthest off the west coast he has ever been was Nevada and Arizona. Whenever Jayson has the time (and money), he likes to travel, hoping to see most of the United States over the next 5 years.

After much prompting from his friends “Finding Our Way” debut in September 2012 as Jayson James first published novel. A couple months later, he wrote and released the follow-up novels in 2013, “Tormented Discovery” and then “Drifting” creating what readers would identify as the “Finding Our Way Series.” Thanks to his dedicated editor and friend, a novel outside of the series will be released in early 2014. Jayson has at least one more novel releasing with the same characters in the series, but is not sure when this will be. Much to his delight, fans are eagerly waiting to read what happens next with Justin, Derrick and the rest of the gang. He hopes they will enjoy the new characters he brings to life on the pages of upcoming books.

When Jayson is not writing he enjoys reading a variety of books from different genres. He is an avid supporter of fellow Indy authors and does whatever he can to support them. Although he often denies it when asked, he also likes to draw, mostly cartooning and sketching using pencils and oil pastels. He also loves listening to music and watching movies, one or the other is constantly playing every time he is writing or drawing and even sometimes when he is reading.

Although his first published works are of the gay new adult and gay young adult genre, he plans on publishing books of other genres at some point. Such as a children’s book he has been contemplating for many years.

Find Jayson on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.


About T.E.D.

TIM is being bullied. No one in high school wants to be known as a tattle-tale and to do so would only make things rougher for him. The repercussions would most likely make him an outcast, and without any friends.

ERIC is frustrated with life. His parents are overbearing and if they ever knew the person he really was, they would throw him out of their house. His friends are not much better, they only like him when he is who they expect him to be.

DELSIN is gay and ready to come out. Unfortunately, life at home is on the brink of falling apart with his parents constant fighting. Admitting the truth could bring his whole world crashing down around him.

Each of these three needs to decide whether the risks of being honest about who they are outweighs the importance of being true to themselves. This could mean ruining life as each of them knows it. Maybe it is better to remain miserable in order to play it safe. On the other hand, doing nothing doesn’t seem to working either.

Available at Amazon.


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Good luck!

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