Challenge Week Review: Downtime by Tamara Allen

Reviewed by Nikyta

DowntimeTitle: Downtime
Author: Tamara Allen
Heroes: Morgan Nash & Ezra Glacenbie
Genre: M/M Historical (Time Travel)
Length: 144,000 words
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: April 1, 2012  (3rd Edition)
Available at: Amazon, All Romance eBooks & Barnes and Noble
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Blurb: FBI Agent Morgan Nash is on assignment in London when his case goes awry and he finds himself moments away from a bullet through the heart. But fate has other plans: Morgan is knocked out pursuing a suspect… and wakes up in 1888.

While cataloging ancient manuscripts at the British Museum, Ezra Glacenbie accidentally pulls Morgan out of the twenty-first century–an impromptu vacation that may become permanent for Morgan if they can’t locate the spellbook Ezra used. Further hampering Morgan’s quest to get home is the irresistible temptation to investigate history’s most notorious serial killer. But in repressive Victorian London, the unexpected romance blossoming between Morgan and Ezra becomes the most dangerous complication of all.


Alright, so I’ve had this book for YEARS and I never read it because… well, it’s historical and I need a swift kick in the ass to get me to read those (which is ironic considering I always end up enjoying them!). Anyway, when Heather picked this book for me, I groaned and thought “WHY DOES SHE KEEP TORTURING ME?!”. People, this is me kicking my own ass for letting this book sit on my TBR shelf for so long!

While on an assignment in London, Agent Morgan Nash is about to get shot when he somehow ends up in 1888 instead. Confused and pissed off, he’s ready to arrest the three gentlemen who brought him there thinking they’re criminals when he realizes he’s no longer in his own century. Ezra and his friends were just fooling around with an old book when they accidentally brought Morgan back in time. Feeling horrible for what he’s done, Ezra and his friends bring Morgan home with them with the intention of sending him back to his own time the next day. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when the spell book they were using goes missing. While they look for the missing book, Morgan realizes he’s landed in the same time period as Jack the Ripper and the chance to catch the infamous serial killer is too strong to deny. Through an exhausting, and dangerous, search for the murderer, Morgan realizes love and family can be found in the most unexpected places.

This book was something else. I hate that it took me so long to finally read it but so happy that I finally did! The best thing about this one is the characters. They’re all so different. Morgan is the brash, blunt American who can’t seem to get rid of his skepticism when it comes to Ezra’s abilities. He’s a complete douche bag in the beginning of the book but as the story progresses, he turns into a fiercely protective man who just wants to save Ezra from mistakes… and secretly hoping (but dreading) that Ezra will turn to him.

Ezra is kind-hearted but he’s also lonely and deemed a little crazy because of his ability to see ghosts. I loved that Ezra and Morgan were so different but gravitated towards one another. I hated Morgan at first but then I loved his desire to keep Ezra safe. I really, really loved Ezra, though. With everything he’s been through, the fact that he’s still sane is a miracle. The two together are extremely sweet and I loved that they were partners in crime throughout the story. There were a few scenes with them together that made me teary eyed but the ending. Jesus, the ending GUTTED me. I was bawling like a baby and babbling to Heather nonstop about it.

My only issue with it is that there were some places that dragged for me. It’s a long book that has a lot to it with multiple conflicts such as the mystery, the growing affection for Ezra and Ezra’s personal problems, not to mention finding a way to send Morgan home so it’s suspenseful at times, sweet at others and left me on the edge of my seat a few times, as well. Nonetheless, in between the captivating scenes, it was a little too slow for me, which made the story drag. Beyond that, (and this isn’t an issue, just a desire) I would have liked to experience some of the book from Ezra’s POV. I think it would have been interesting to experience the ghosts and Ezra’s feelings from his perspective.

In the end, this was a phenomenal story built around characters that couldn’t deny the pull of love and a good mystery. It has a lot of depth to it and it is a VERY SLOW STORY. The build up to Morgan and Ezra getting together was filled with hostility that turned into affection. I loved that the characters had their own distinct personalities to the point that by the end of the book, I felt like I knew them all. It’s a sweet story that does have it’s bad moments but that, in the end, made me cry because of the raw emotion just in the ending. I’m glad I finally read this one. So, thank you, Heather for finally making me read this one 😉

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Week Review: Downtime by Tamara Allen

  1. neener neener neener! I’ve also read The Only Gold which also has the same feel to as far as the mystery and all the characters, but I felt it to read much slower and its just as long

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