Freeeeeeedom! Thy Name is Nikyta!

Today’s a special day for me.

Almost six years ago, I got my first taste of college and hated it… I mean, who wants to go to school when they could read all day at work instead?! This girl sure didn’t! But I stuck with it (mainly because it was either that or actually do work lol).

Now today, I’m FINALLY getting my Bachelor’s degree. After one change in major, a lot of fighting over fucked up credits and a constant need to take summer courses to fix those screw ups, I can finally say that I’ve got my degree.

I went through hell this last semester working on my thesis to graduate and you know what? I fucking did it! I’m proud of myself and I’m gonna share it with y’all!

So, at 2 pm EST today, I’ll be at my commencement ceremony trying not to break my neck while I walk in heels (I predict sore feet in my future!). I’ll be nervous, I’ll be excited but most of all I’ll be owning up to my accomplishment and be incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to do this.

I bitched and moaned throughout most of my school experience (just ask Heather, she was there when I had my almost breakdown last week!) but I’m glad I did it and I wouldn’t have been able to without the support of my family and my friends… and now y’all šŸ™‚

So, for all those other people out there who are graduating today (or graduating soon), whether it’s from high school, college, university or something else… CONGRATULATIONS! You did it! It’s a huge accomplishment that not as many people as you think have a chance to do (although, it’s never too late to do it!).

It’s a good day to celebrate no matter if you’re graduating or not. Be thankful anyway and reward yourself… with a book! ;P



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6 thoughts on “Freeeeeeedom! Thy Name is Nikyta!

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! ā¤

  2. YAY…Good for you, Kitten

  3. Congrats! Nikyta…i remember towards the end of my degree just wanting to be done. I had considered extending to a dual degree with another college and staying a 5th year to get a teacher’s certification when that didn’t work out. Couldn’t do it. I still graduated and I’m glad I did.

  4. Congratulations!!! ā¤

  5. Tammy


  6. Trish

    You go NIK!! Great post and I hope you are now resting those poor tootsies! XO

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