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The Blogger Girls Have Gone on a Blog Hop!


As reviewers, we don’t normally go on other peoples’ blogs and chat about ourselves (that’s for the authors, not us!) but a few weeks ago, RJ Scott had this scary idea about spotlighting a few bloggers on her site in honor of August being the anniversary of her first novel.

So, we decided to participate! As we are still relatively newbies in the blogosphere, what better way to make new friends than by going on another blog and chatting about ourselves! How hard could it be?

Famous last words! LOL cuz let us tell you, it was HARD to think of what to say. We have a new appreciation for authors and their abilities to dish out guest posts because seriously, we may review books but that doesn’t mean we are good at writing about anything else! LMAO

So, with all that said, hop on over to RJ Scott’s blog and check out our post where we chat about The Blogger Girls, why we’re reviewers and why we blog in general and there’s even a giveaway!

The Blogger Girls are kicking off RJ’s Blogger Blog Tour but here’s the other sites participating in the blog hop:

The Blogger Girls Saturday, August 9th
multitaskingmommas Book Reviews Sunday, August 10th
Prism Book Alliance Friday, August 15th
Rainbow Gold Reviews Saturday, August 16th
Because Two Men Are Better Than One Sunday, August 17th
Joyfully Jay Friday, August 22nd
Love Bytes Saturday, August 23rd
MM Good Book Reviews Sunday, August 24th
ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords Friday, August 29th
The Novel Approach Saturday, August 30th
Boy Meets Boy Reviews Sunday, August 31st
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What We Got Up to at RT 2014

Two weeks ago, Heather and I went to the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, LA. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, well, basically it’s like GRL but for the more mainstream writers. It’s a HUGE convention filled with SOOO many panels and SOOO many authors that even two weeks later I’m still going “OMG, so and so was at RT and I didn’t get to see them?! NOOOOO!”

Anyway, HC and I both enjoy our M/F books and before we got into M/M we had a ton of favorite authors and series that we used to keep track of (this was back when we read prints lol). So, we had a lot of books we wanted to get signed at this convention. I don’t think we ever counted how many we ended up originally bringing ourselves (maybe around 35 each?) but you’ll be SHOCKED at how many frees books we brought back!

Let’s rewind a little bit. I ended up flying to Louisiana a few days before the convention to stay with HC. She’s just a few hours away from NOLA, where the con was held, so we were going to drive down together and pick up our friend Jenn (not JustJen, another Jenn lol) along the way. We were all worried that we wouldn’t be able to fit our luggage in HC’s car, let alone how we’d fit on the way BACK from RT! But we did it! We stuffed ourselves in her Jeep and we got to RT!

And let me tell you, we ended up having a BLAST at RT. We learned so much at the Blogger Con that was held the day before RT started (things the four of us at TBG hope to implement on the blog soon) but more than that, we got to meet so many of our favorite M/F authors. Especially me! I’m a HUGE Nalini Singh fan! Heather’s a HUGE Kresley Cole fan and we BOTH got to meet the awesome writers! There were a ton of other authors we were glad we met like Larissa Ione, Lara Adrian, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Ilona and Gordon Andrews… I’ll stop there lol.

Some events at RT were chaotic but still fun. We went to a bunch of panels but also got to play fun games. We went to some of the nighttime events and even did our own thing one night. But Heather and I both agree that the highlight of our trip was probably getting to really hangout with Wade Kelly. This lady is so fun to be around (especially when Heather introduced her to the Hurricane) and we got some hilarious pictures with her.

Another highlight of the events is getting to see more of the M/M posse and getting to see people from GRL at RT as well, like Susan from Boys in our Books, Jay from Joyfully Jay, Brandilyn from Prism Book Alliance, Becky from Mrs. Condit and Friends, Leigh Logan from Under the Covers and so many others peeps. Hell, we even got to see our M/M authors like Damon Suede, Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton, Anne Tenino, JP Barnaby/Jamie Mayfield, Mary Calmes, Amber Kell, L.A. Witt… I can keep going lol. It was just great to see such a LGBTQ presence at RT and getting to talk to new people about LGBTQ and how it’s becoming more accepted and known.

Anyway, I don’t want to go into detail about all that we did so I’m just going to let some of the pictures do the talking. Heather and I had an idea to do a ‘daily selfie’ for each day I was with her (although I think we skipped two days! LMAO) but here they are:

Photo May 12, 7 32 31 PM Photo May 13, 7 34 00 PM Photo May 14, 8 11 17 PMPhoto May 14, 9 57 35 AM

Photo May 16, 10 01 34 AM Photo May 16, 11 45 10 PM Photo May 17, 11 05 28 AM Photo May 19, 1 48 03 PM

Jenn, Nikyta, HC, Susan (BioB)

Jenn from Love Bytes, Nikyta, Heather C, Susan from BioB

Heather C, Susan from BioB, Nikyta

Heather C, Susan from BioB, Nikyta

Heather C, Nikyta, Wade Kelly

Heather C, Nikyta, Wade Kelly

Heather C, Nikyta, Wade Kelly

Heather C, Nikyta, Wade Kelly

M/M peeps (and bloggers and reviewers) unite at Mardi Gras World! The Mississippi River is behind us.

Nikyta, Susan from BioB, Heather C, Jenn from Love Bytes, Jay from Joyfully Jay & Leigh from Under the Covers

We’ve got a ton more pictures including ones with authors and such but don’t want to clog the site with that many pictures! I’m just going to add a few others pics that Heather and I are QUITE proud of. We ended up bringing to RT this many books:


Photo May 18, 2 58 57 PM

Nikyta’s stack

Photo May 18, 2 59 24 PM

Heather’s stack

Buying this many books at RT (between the two of us):


Photo May 18, 2 58 41 PM

AND, we ended up getting for FREE this many books (stacks of 20 each):


Photo May 18, 3 00 31 PM

Photo May 18, 3 01 06 PM

Photo May 18, 3 01 08 PM

I believe our final count of books we got for free was around 190 or so. OMG, we were ALL shocked!

Phew! What a WEEK it was!

With that said, I’m going to leave this post at that. I’m still shocked at how many books I shipped home (still waiting on those damn suckers to arrive, too!) and I’m eager to get my greedy little hands on some of them to start reading… so, if in a few weeks you’re wondering why we are reviewing such an influx of M/F books… well, you can blame RT and the generosity of the authors, publishers and sponsors of that convention! LOL

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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Freeeeeeedom! Thy Name is Nikyta!

Today’s a special day for me.

Almost six years ago, I got my first taste of college and hated it… I mean, who wants to go to school when they could read all day at work instead?! This girl sure didn’t! But I stuck with it (mainly because it was either that or actually do work lol).

Now today, I’m FINALLY getting my Bachelor’s degree. After one change in major, a lot of fighting over fucked up credits and a constant need to take summer courses to fix those screw ups, I can finally say that I’ve got my degree.

I went through hell this last semester working on my thesis to graduate and you know what? I fucking did it! I’m proud of myself and I’m gonna share it with y’all!

So, at 2 pm EST today, I’ll be at my commencement ceremony trying not to break my neck while I walk in heels (I predict sore feet in my future!). I’ll be nervous, I’ll be excited but most of all I’ll be owning up to my accomplishment and be incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to do this.

I bitched and moaned throughout most of my school experience (just ask Heather, she was there when I had my almost breakdown last week!) but I’m glad I did it and I wouldn’t have been able to without the support of my family and my friends… and now y’all 🙂

So, for all those other people out there who are graduating today (or graduating soon), whether it’s from high school, college, university or something else… CONGRATULATIONS! You did it! It’s a huge accomplishment that not as many people as you think have a chance to do (although, it’s never too late to do it!).

It’s a good day to celebrate no matter if you’re graduating or not. Be thankful anyway and reward yourself… with a book! ;P



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How Mary Beat My Funk…

Timing by Mary Calmes eBookHave you ever gotten into such a book funk that every time you try a new story, you can barely make it more than five pages in before you move on to another novel? Yes? No? Well, I have. MANY times. In fact, just about eight months of last year I was in such a bad book funk that it took more than a week to finish a 200 page novel and even days to finish a 50 page story.

After the Sunset by Mary Calmes eBookWell, my solution to these funks? Re-reads. I’ve read my fair share of books in the last few years but only a few of them are good enough for re-reads. In fact, when I re-read, it’s pretty much the same books over and over. What books might those be, you ask? Well, Mary Calmes books, of course. As I’ve said (and you’re probably sick of hearing) Mary Calmes is one of my favorite authors. I just love her books (and she’s a pretty awesome person, too!) and no matter how many times I re-read them (at least a few times a year), they never get old. She’s gotten me out of more funks than I can count over the years.

One of my all time favorite re-reads of hers is the Change of Heart series:

Change of Heart by Mary Calmes eBook Trusted Bond by Mary Calmes eBook Honored Vow by Mary Calmes eBook Crucible of Fate by Mary Calmes eBook

I ❤ Jin and Logan!

In December, I went on a ‘Mary Spree’ as I like to call it and read 8 of her books. A mix of re-reads and ones I hadn’t read yet. I ended up reading Timing again then finally read After the Sunset. This was right before Old Loyalty, New Love came out and I was jonesing for that book but obviously, I couldn’t get it just yet so I had to settle for her other stories.

I re-read Acrobat (a classic for me) and finally read Heart of the Race, which made me wonder why I had waited so long to read it!

Acrobat by Mary Calmes eBookAfter I came down from my Mary Spree, I was quite content not to read anything for a while but then I went on a M/F Spree (which I totally put the blame on Ami for but that’s a story for another time).

There’s just something about re-reading a Mary Calmes book, where I know the characters almost by heart, know what they’re going to do and know that, in the end, I’ll be satisfied with how they got there and how they ended up. It restarts my brain and allows me to get out of my funk. Thus is how Mary saved me from my funk 😛

Heart of the Race by Mary Calmes eBookIf you haven’t read Mary Calmes yet, I only have one question for you: Why the hell not?!

And for those of you who just now discovered her (looking at you Jen), well, all I have to say to you is get your ass in gear and read another book by her already! Hehe

And don’t forget! The giveaway for Old Loyalty, New Love will only be open for a few more days so make sure you enter before it closes! I absolutely adored that story and you’ll be able to see all my gushing about it on Saturday. For now, we hope you enjoy the rest of Mary Calmes Week! We have a little special something posting tomorrow so stick around 🙂


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LOVRE LUCIN – “Feeling good” (acoustic cover)

So, a friend sent me a link to this video early this morning. Have to say, I really loved it. These guys are great but that voice is just amazing.

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Gingertastic – One Reader’s Obsession (NSFW-ish)

For anyone that really knows me, knows that I have a ginormous slight obsession with what you may call a ginger. You know who I’m talking about right? Red haired, pale skinned guys (although I do like them tanned too!) with so many freckles you lose count after ten. Hell, I like them so much I even created a shelf on Goodreads just so I could go back and get my ginger fix in books whenever I wanted.

There are a lot of different kinds of gingers, though. Generally speaking, a lot of people consider anyone with red hair (no matter if it’s dyed) a ginger. IMO, that’s not necessarily the case because I like having the full, natural effect but I won’t discriminate 😛

Granted, not all ‘gingers’ are hot to me but a majority of the time they are. Why, you ask? Well, why do some of us like buff guys and others like skinny ones? Or why do some people like toned women and others like some meat on their bones? Just a taste, I suppose, but when I’m reading about a ‘ginger’ I get all giddy. I just love them in my stories. In fact, Kyle Adams knew this and whether he admits it or not, I’m gonna believe he wrote Dirty Vlogger’s Elliot just for me. (Hehe)

I mean look at these guys and tell me you don’t at least see some appeal to them! Continue reading

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