Mobster Week Review: Choosing Happy by Aria Grace

Reviewed by Susan65

iTitle: Choosing Happy
Author: Aria Grace
Series: More Than Friends #3
Heroes: Steve/Joey
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 222 Pages
Publisher: Aria Grace
Release Date: March 15, 2014
Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks and iTunes
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Zach’s ex, Steve, is living in Portland with many regrets. He has alienated the people he cares most about by making bad choices that continue to haunt him. When he meets a kid that’s in a bad relationship and needs some help, Steve reluctantly offers it, knowing it’s his chance to redeem himself. What he doesn’t expect is to find happiness. It’s there, all he has to do it choose to accept it.



I was extremely hesitant about putting my trust in Steve, especially since he was so untrustworthy in the last book, and nearly destroyed Zach’s relationship. Knowing that he intentionally broke the threesome parameters, and appeared to care less at the same time, meant that Steve had a long uphill battle in redeeming himself.

Fortunately, the Steve in this book was completely different than the Steve I knew and…disliked so immensely. It was almost as if it was a different person, a different Steve. A part of me wondered where the old Steve went as he was non-existent in this book.

Steve has a little crush…on a little duck. That duck’s name is Joey. Steve is crushing so hard on the small, quiet man that he intently watches the clock just to see his little duck walk by in the evenings. Too bad he is walking with another man. Unfortunately, that man is a prick and “owns” Joey, and leaves him marked pretty badly.

Once Joey realized that he may have an ally in Steve, he runs from his ex, who just so happens to be the evil grandson of the top crime family in their city. Not exactly what Steve needed in his life, but it did bring up his past and why he may have been such an unlovable, pain in the butt in the previous book.

Besides the growing love story between Joey and Steve, with surprisingly a small number of sex scenes, there is also the drama playing out about abusive relationships, the mafia, organized crime and its link to the police, and learning to see Steve in a whole new light and forgiving him for being such a lout in the past.

I loved the crime family drama and how it all played out at the end. I loved that the bad guy didn’t get away AND was held accountable by his own family (served him right), and loved the growing relationship between Steve and Joey. Two very different men, yes, but two men who have the ability to fill a void in their lives and the best chance for an unexpected happily ever after…if they so choose; which they do.

Overall Impression:I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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