Book Review: Melysious Intent by R.L. Rushing

Guest Reviewed by Candace

10Title: Melysious Intent
Author: R.L. Rushing
Series: Cursed Existence Collection #3
Heroine/Hero: Melysa Makenzie/Gabriel Soileau
Genre: M/F Paranormal
Length: 208 Pages
Publisher: R.L. Rushing
Release Date: July 2, 2014
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Melysious Intent serves as the back story of Melysa Makenzie, a mind reader. It takes place before she’s thrust into the hellhole which is Ledger Headquarters.

Recovering from physical scars that pale in comparison to the jagged emotional reminders left behind by her drug addicted boyfriend, Melysa Makenzie meets a breathtakingly handsome man named Gabriel Soileau who is intent on showing her a love she has never before known. Due to a life altering encounter, ArtWorx, the advertising firm by which she is employed as a graphic designer, scores a once in a lifetime contract with Gabriel’s revolutionary new airline. When Melysa, not only walks away with the grand prize, but also the clients heart and soul, her co-workers are none too happy. As she works to expand the HydroAir brand, outside forces work to take her down. Is her life at risk simply because of jilted ex co-workers, or is it because she is a telepath?



Holy Cliffhanger! I absolutely LOVED this book, but I felt so cheated when it ended so soon, with such unresolved drama.  R.L. Rushing artfully crafts a main character that, aside from her telepathic powers, could be any normal woman you meet on the streets.  As you learn more about the main character, Melysa Makenzie, and the absolute hell she has survived, you can’t help but bond to her and cheer for her every time she finds some good fortune.

Melysa, a telepath, is an artist/marketing professional, who works for an advertising firm, ArtWorx, in Memphis.  She has been to hell and back at the hands of her abusive, drug addict boyfriend, Seth, and is, without a doubt, a broken woman.  After years of handing out severe physical, mental and emotional abuse, Seth finally attempts to kill Melysa by running her car head-on into a truck.  By miracle, Melysa is able to survive the crash, although Seth does not, and she begins rebuilding her life sans her abusive ex-boyfriend.  She guts her home of nearly all physical reminders of her tumultuous past and sets out on a mission to start life anew.

Through her first interactions with the world post accident, Melysa meets a tall, dark, and incredibly sexy mystery man, who seems to show up at all the right times.  Melysa is entranced by this blue-eyed hunk, but doesn’t give him much thought until he turns up as a client of ArtWorx.  When Melysa finally gets the chance to meet the mystery man, Gabriel Soileau, face-to-face, she begins a sexy, under the radar tryst with him.  As to not spoil the book for everyone by including too much of the action, I will just say, Ms. Rushing is no slouch when it comes to writing incredible, graphic, make you think you need new panties sex scenes. She delivers what could be one of the most heart-thumping, hottest blowjobs ever put on paper.

Just when I thought everything was going to be butterflies and blowjobs, the action takes a turn and Melysa and Gabe find a mystery caller/texter threatening their newfound bliss.  Just when I thought story was heading down a dark road, Ms. Rushing comes to the rescue with some incredibly hot sex scenes to distract from the negativity.  I’m talking the kind of sex scenes that made me want to wake up my sleeping husband.  By the time my heartbeat resumed a normal pace, the action in the book had done the same, or so I thought.  Once again the mysterious, threatening calls resume, but this time on Melysa’s traceable work phone.  You won’t believe who is actually behind all the threatening calls and texts and the absolutely insane justification that is provided, and I won’t tell you 

While most of the book is mild romance and heavy sex, there were absolutely parts that were just so damn romantic I had to sigh out loud.  Gabriel is the perfect mix between a romantic, a down-to-earth family guy, a fearless protector, a hard working provider, and a sex God; he is the ultimate man.  I want so badly for Melysa and Gabriel to wind up together because of her horrid past and how much of a fighter/survivor she is.  I think I bonded to her character because she reminded me so much of my own sister, who survived her own real life nightmare at the hands of an abusive boyfriend.  I would love to tell all of the hot and romantic details in the last few chapters of the book, but then you wouldn’t have the pleasure of the completely mixed emotions that reading this book delivers. I can say that the last 3 pages of the book had me in complete and utter shock.  I had grown so attached to Melysa and Gabriel that I wanted that happy ending in an actual, solid closing.  I couldn’t believe it was all ending like this in the biggest cliffhanger ever.  I am now completely committed to reading this series, because I MUST find out the fate of these two lovers.

Overall Impression: It was amazing!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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