Book Review: Betrayal by Maggie Walsh

Reviewed by Susan65

9Title: Betrayal
Author: Maggie Walsh
Series: The Angel Pack #1
Heroes: Jesse/Micah
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 132 Pages
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Release Date: August 6, 2014
Available at: Siren-Bookstrand,

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Blurb: When Jesse and Taylor get kicked out of their homes they take off and end up in New York City. Jesse’s voice lands him a singing job at an all male club. When the owner discovers their secret, he offers to help them. That kind gesture turns into the biggest mistake of their lives.

When Micah hears the angelic voice coming from the beautiful man, his world turns upside down. Micah realizes that the angel is his mate. Now that he’s found him he may never get to claim him.

Someone is trying to kill Jesse. At the same time, someone from Micah’s past comes back to claim Micah as their own. Is it coincidence or a set up? When the person trying to kill Jesse accidentally gets Micah instead, can Jesse find the culprit and the cure before it’s too late? And if Micah survives, will he be able to move past the betrayal of one of his own?



I am really a paranormal fan…didn’t realize how much, but I truly am. This story was your typical: mate, mine, shifter-human mating but, it has a history that I really enjoyed, and it didn’t shy away from the harsh reality that was Jesse and Taylor’s life before they became shifter mates.

Micah is freaking huge…like six foot eight and two hundred and eighty pounds kind of huge. And he’s the alpha of his pack of werewolves. He is big, rich, powerful, loyal, kind, and a sweetheart who is desperate to find his mate. Jesse is tiny…like five foot seven and one hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. He is small, insecure, untrusting, abused, a talented singer, and a sweetheart who is desperate to have someone love him completely. These two are complete and total opposites except for what their hearts want, which happens to be each other.

(I admit I struggled trying to visualize these two men together while they were having sex because their size difference is immense. I still can’t picture it too well, and so I just shortened Micah a little bit and that worked.)

Unfortunately, Micah comes on strong; Jesse backs away; someone is trying to kill Jesse; and a ghost from Micah’s past is being a major pain in the ass…plus, someone close to him is becoming a Judas. There is a trouble a brewing in this pack of werewolves, and it will take quite a bit of finagling for these two destined souls to get it right. Fortunately, they have humorous Taylor to keep things lighthearted, even when issues are not so lighthearted at all.
I was entertained and horrified; the story was typical in a way and nothing too new in the shifter genre, but fun anyway, and I am looking forward to Taylor and Gabriel’s story; I hope they’re next.

Overall Impression:  I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*


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