Book Review: Does the Feeling Go Both Ways by A.R. Moler

Reviewed by Susan65

bbTitle: Does the Feeling Go Both Ways?
Author: A.R. Moler
Heroes: Landon Cross/Trey Jernigan
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 124 Pages
Publisher: JMS Books, LLC
Release Date: July 6, 2014
Available at: JMS Books, LLC, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Deep cover DEA agent Landon Cross can’t seem to escape his past. First, his cover is blown by a guy he’d busted in another operation. Then, his rescuer is medic Trey Jernigan, his best childhood friend, first love, and a person Landon betrayed as teenager.

Now Landon’s life is a mess and so is he, physically and emotionally. Incredibly, Trey forgives Landon and allows his former friend back into his life in all kinds of ways Landon would never have thought possible.

But a crucial decision Landon made while undercover comes back to haunt him. Trey also has to deal with very tangible pieces of his own past. Will Trey and Landon be able to solve their problems and build a life together?


Review: Can you love and hate a book at the same time? If so, this is that book. I was absolutely all over the action and drama, the undercover police work, the reuniting of long lost best friends during the extraction of a captured DEA agent whose cover was blown, and the logistics behind the issues that tore Landon and Trey apart in the first place. I loved that! I loved all of that, and it was a five star story for me.

However, the ease in which Trey brought his abused and pregnant sister into the fold felt contrived. This happens just after Trey tells Landon that he hasn’t seen or spoken to his family since they disowned him. Yes, his conservative sister started emailing him, but not once do they discuss the pain she caused Trey by abandoning him with the rest of family. Not once do I see it as believable that Trey would move her in to his house indefinitely and buy baby stuff for her unborn child and make a go of it, all while trying to see if a relationship is possible with Landon.

Plus, and this is a biggie. What the hell was Landon thinking about giving a baby to a known drug lord? What man in his right mind would ever think it’s the right thing to do to offer his own baby to a life of crime? Yes, he was told he was an idiot, but the man was a DEA agent and knows better. Those two story lines were barely a 3 star read for me. I didn’t like it, I didn’t feel it, and I didn’t believe it.

But, the fast-paced action, the undercover work, and relationship drama were so good that I was able to push those parts away and enjoy it for what it was, fiction not reality. I am not a big fan of women taking a predominant role in my MM romances, and I didn’t see anything about it in the blurb or I might have skipped this one. However, I am glad I read it because, for the most part, it was really good and a solid 4 star story.

Overall Impression:  I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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