Book Review: A Working Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Guest Reviewed by Morgan

A Working Man (Men of Manhattan, #4)Title: A Working Man
Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Series: Men of Manhattan #4
Heroes: Matthew Hawke/Drakon Mavros
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Comedy
Length: 134 Pages
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Release Date: September 24, 2014
Available at: Wilde City Press and Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Matthew Hawke’s professional life is soaring as high the powerful bird of prey whose image is inked on his back. He’s at the top of his game as the owner of an advertising agency that is scooping up prime accounts like a mighty hawk wrapping its talons around an unfortunate ground rodent. Yes, work is good. Too bad his love life has more in common with the dying rodent than the triumphant hawk. When the thought of a sexy man trumps actually being with a sexy woman, Matthew thinks it might be time for a change. And there IS a gorgeous man at the gym he’s noticed.

Drakon Mavros is working his shapely ass off to make ends meet. His administrative assistant job at a messenger service is steady, but the money he gets from his more creative job pays most of the bills. An ex-boyfriend took his confidence, his trust and his self-esteem and Drakon is afraid to take another chance at love. When an adorably goofy man at his gym actually hurts himself trying to flirt with him, Drakon can’t resist falling under Matt’s spell. He makes Drakon feel good about himself again and praises his artistic talent – neither of which his ex ever did.

As the men begin to fall for one another, it appears nothing can go wrong – they seem to be soul mates. Secrets and lies can crack even the firmest foundation, though. It takes a true master to shore it up so that it never crumbles. Is love the mortar that can restore trust and faith and bind men forever? Only time will tell. Can Drakon and Matt take that chance?



Matthew owns an advertising company and is surrounded by happy gay couples. He’s having a sexual identity crisis and calls a sex line. The oh-so-sexy “Drake” answers and leads Matt down the road of the happy gay sex.

Meanwhile Drakon is sad because he’s alone but he meets a cute, nerdy guy at the gym who seems to flip his switches. He’s worried because he’s underemployed, but Matt seems to be ok with all that. He’s a little worried about “cheating” while on the sex chat line, but that dilemma ends early on, and it doesn’t take too long for them to figure out that Drakon is Drake and the two are ecstatic to realize they have already had “sex” and are eager to do it again, in real life.

Much of the story revolves around silly misunderstandings that would be easily straightened out with a little conversation. This could drive you crazy if you let it. If you just accept that this is a fun, light read, not meant to be taken too seriously, you can ignore the major plot issues and just enjoy the goofiness of the characters and their sweet love story.

What I love about Sandrine’s books is this: they are reliably cute, sweet, lovey dovey, have satisfyingly hot sex, very happy endings, and we usually get to visit with past MCs and enjoy them later in their relationships. This book is no different. Sure, there are some frustratingly simple hurdles that our characters struggle with, but at the same time, the story is not meant to be an angst-ridden tear-jerker. In fact, the age difference is made fun of by the parents and the friends, what could have been stressful was treated with humor.

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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