Book Review: Two Steps Back by Lyn Gala

Reviewed by JustJen

1Title: Two Steps Back
Author: Lyn Gala
Heroes: Dallin/William
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 196 Pages
Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: October 28, 2014
Available at: Loose Id, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  The poor economy has forced Dallin to return to prostitution to avoid homelessness, but when his old pimp hooks him up with a wealthy Dom, Dallin figures it’s too good to be true. William is older, wealthy, experienced, and a complete dominant. He’s the sort of man who can go to a club and pick up a dozen subs, and yet he wants to hire Dallin.

William knows how to succeed in finance and the bedroom, but trying to keep a relationship going is a far more difficult proposition. Instead of dealing with the messy reality of the club scene or dating, he decides to hire a sub. While William would like to have a long-term relationship develop, he’s not expecting anything. However the longer he plays with Dallin, the more he realizes that he wants more.

Dallin is willing to give his body to William—he enjoys the bondage, the games and ropes and toys. He’s more wary about trusting William with his heart. William is a master of domination, but for Dallin he wants to learn to love.


Review: Hmmmm, rentboys, kinkiness and a happy ending? My favorite fall back story. There isn’t anything real new or ground breaking here, but it is quite enjoyable nonetheless.

Dallin is getting desparate. He gave up prostituting a while back when he made enough money to give his design business a go. Unfortunately, times have gotten tough, business is hurting, and Dallin is now living out of his office with the rent due and no way to pay. When all else fails, go with what you know. So, he goes crawling back to his handler/pimp who he left on not so good of terms and asked for work.

Turns out that Ben is the bigger man, forgives Dallin and has just the right job for him – A long-term contract with an older gentleman with very specific needs. This leads us to William. He’s a successful businessman with no time to pursue or cultivate the type of relationship he longs for, so he chooses instead to make things easy and pay for it, with the hope that it will some day turn into more.

Much time is spent, in the beginning, and in renegotiations throughout the story, on the actual contract. William is a bit of a control freak, planning everything out in a clear and logical way. Provisions and compensation are made for everything. This works well, until Dillan’s personal life gets in the way and William, somewhat ironically, is unable to control himself from asserting control over Dallin and his life. Granted, he has Dallin’s best interests at heart and only wants to help, but still.

Dallin has a rough time with the concept of losing control of his life outside of the bedroom/contract. He is adamant about maintaining that control without interference from William. Dallin sticks to his guns and doesn’t allow William to steamroll him.   William’s actions just about ruin things completely, but feelings and understandings are realized which lead to further negotiations.

The kinky stuff is quite enjoyable – nothing too over the top. There’s quite a bit of edge play and denial, as opposed to pain and punishment, which was nice. Bottom line is that William just likes to control the show. There are a few surprises I didn’t quite see coming, and this is a nice-paced easy read that, while it didn’t completely wow me, I still quite enjoyed.

Overall Impression: I liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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