Book Review: Master of Ghouls by Jordan L. Hawk

Reviewed by Heather C

17412325Title: Master of Ghouls
Author: Jordan L. Hawk
Series: SPECTR #2
Heroes: Caleb/Gray & John
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
Length: 28,090 words
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 31, 2014
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Caleb Jansen’s old life is in ruins after being possessed by the vampire spirit Gray. Now all Caleb wants is for Gray to be exorcised so he can adjust to living as a registered paranormal. Instead, District Chief Kaniyar of SPECTR offers him a new choice: be locked away for public safety, or come work for the very agency he’s spent years trying to avoid. The only good thing to come from Caleb’s possession is his relationship with federal exorcist John Starkweather, but even that seems doomed to end before it can really begin.

John’s newest case is a nightmare: someone is summoning demons and forcing them to possess women and boys snatched from the streets of Charleston. If his team can’t find the summoner soon enough, the possessions will become permanent, transforming the victims into ghouls. To make matters worse, he barely prevents Gray from feeding on their only lead.

Can John shield his heart from Caleb, who only seems interested in a temporary hook-up? Can Caleb keep Gray under control while they hunt for the summoner? Or will the cost of solving the case be higher than any of them could have guessed?

Because the master of ghouls has set his sights on a new target: Gray.



Master of Ghouls is the second book in the SPECTR series and picks up a day or so after Hunter of Demons.

John takes Caleb out to a club, hoping to show him a good time, but things go bad when Gray takes off after demon…and discovers there is a mad man out there forcing possessions on innocent people.

Hmm, I really enjoyed this one, but not quite as much as Hunter of Demons.  Caleb and John are hot, of course, and I really like how they are trying to figure out what they want from each other and what the future might hold.  Did I say Caleb and John are HOT?!  But this one felt less personal as far as the mystery went.  I mean, I never got that feeling of “I NEED TO KNOW NOW!” and I was never really worried about how the “bad guy” might affect the characters.

There are some good things happening with the romance between Caleb and John.  They are starting to share and get to know each other on a deeper level. And yeah, they are progressing kinda fast, but there is still so much more for them to explore and discover.

I think what I’m most interested in when it comes to this series is what’s going to happen with Caleb and Gray.  Eight of the forty day window is gone, only thirty-two left.  Can’t wait to read what happens next in Reaper of Souls.

Overall Impression: I Really Liked It

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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