Audio Review: Shiny! by Amy Lane

Reviewed by Morgan 

1Title: Shiny!
Author: Amy Lane
Narrator: Tyler Stevens
Heroes: Will Lafferty and Kenny Scalia
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: Book – 200 Pages / Audio – 6 Hours, 15 Minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: Book – February 21, 2014 / Audio – December 8, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Audible and iTunes
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Will Lafferty and Kenny Scalia are both having sort of a day. Will gets fired for letting fifth graders read Harry Potter, and Kenny finds his boyfriend and his sex toys in bed with a complete stranger. When Will knocks over Kenny’s trash can-and strews Kenny’s personal business all over the street-it feels like the perfect craptastic climax to the sewage of suckage that has rained down on them both.

But ever-friendly, ever-kind Will asks snarky Kenny out for a beer-God knows they both need one-and two amazing things occur: Kenny discovers talking to Will might be the best form of intercourse ever, and Will discovers he’s gay.

Their unlikely friendship seems like the perfect platonic match until Will reveals how very much more he’s been feeling for Kenny almost since the beginning. But Kenny’s worried. Will’s newfound sexuality is bright and glittery and shiny, but what happens when that wears off? Is Will’s infatuation with Kenny strong enough to stay real?


Review: Amy Lane is known for her angst. This book has almost none! This is a very sweet and happy book about Will coming to grips with his sexuality and falling in love with Kenny. Until he met Kenny, Will just never thought of himself as a sexual being. He’s very naïve (he gets kicked out of a Christian school for teaching the kids Harry Potter) and he’s a big, bulky, but gentle, dork.

Kenny is an overachiever and workaholic, always dressed to the nines, who is working so hard he doesn’t realize his live-in boyfriend is cheating on him – a lot! When he figures it out, he throws away everything they may have used together – which means an entire drawer full of shiny, gaudy, outrageous sex toys, and puts them in a box on top of his garbage can.

Will bumps into this garbage can and is attracted to the shiny objects. Later, he’s shocked when Kenny explains what the objects are. This starts their improbable relationship. Kenny drops some hints and then later some porn and dildos into Will’s lap hoping to trap that mythical beast “the straight guy who doesn’t know he’s actually gay”! When the trap is laid, Will stumbles into it head first and WOW is he surprised at what he finds out!

The rest of the story is a mix of Will exploring his sexuality and the developing friendship and work relationship Will and Kenny have and then later their coming together as friends turned lovers. There are some doubts – is Will just with Kenny because he’s his first or is it real? Where will Will work? What about Kenny’s being on the rebound? However… For those of us who love a sappy ending – the ending of Shiny will knock your socks off!

The secondary characters in Shiny are also great – Aunt Cara- the lesbian bride, Will’s mom – trapped in the 1960s, Kenny’s ex – the big, dumb cheater and Kenny’s ultra liberal family – trying so hard not to judge Will.

In the audio format, Tyler Stevens does another absolutely amazing job. He does swishy voices fantastically, and I adore his female voices as well. Tyler “gets” what he’s reading, so he’s able to really give some good “performances” and add emotion to the dialog.

I am a huge Amy Lane fan, I also look for Tyler Stevens as a narrator, so together they make a dream team! This is one of those times where the narration adds to the story and makes it even better. I highly recommend this audiobook.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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