Book Review: Blind Passion by Bonnie Dee

Reviewed by Heather C

23644203Title: Blind Passion
Author: Bonnie Dee
Series: Wyatt Brothers #1
Hero/Heroine: J.D. Wyatt/Leah Schaeffer
Genre: MF New Adult Romance
Length: 176 Pages
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: December 26, 2014
Available at: Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Through personal darkness, two strangers find their way to each other.

Leah Schaeffer has come a long way since an accident took her sight. She’s finally ready for independence, but convincing her wealthy parents she’ll be safe on her own isn’t easy. The first night in her own place at last, she encounters her neighbor with the midnight velvet voice and her world shifts again.

Since finishing a military tour, J.D. Wyatt has struggled both financially and emotionally. When Leah’s parents hire him to act as her bodyguard, he seizes the opportunity. The catch—she can’t know she’s being followed. As he grows closer to the intriguing woman and begins to have feelings for her, the burden of this secret grows heavier.

Although Leah and J.D. have suffered different types of trauma, their mutual understanding of each other’s pain bonds them. But their relationship, dependent on absolute trust, is rooted in lies which will detonate like an IED when exposed.



I believe this is the first M/F I’ve read by Bonnie Dee and it was quite enjoyable.

After an accident leaves Leah blind and dependent on her parents, she has decided it’s time for her to move out and live on her own while finishing her college degree. Over concerned for their daughter, Leah’s parents hire J.D., a part time security guard and war veteran, to secretly follow Leah and keep her safe. J.D. needs the money and the focus, but when he discovers whom he will be protecting, he’s determined to get to know her better. The problem: Leah can’t know J.D. is spying on her…so how can they ever have a true relationship with all these secrets between them? Not to mention that J.D. isn’t supposed to be having any kind of relationship with Leah in the first place!

What I really found interesting about this book was that it is told in alternating first person POV from both characters. I really liked J.D.’s voice…I think because I understood his difficulties. But Leah’s voice quickly got annoying: too whiny and it didn’t take long before I was exhausted with her poor-me-pity-party. Also, I had trouble connecting with a 22-year-old heroine.

I really liked the emotional aspects of this story. Leah is fighting for her independence but still struggling with all the new insecurities that had resulted from her blindness. J.D. has no direction in his life since leaving the military: no steady job and his PTSD and anxiety issues keep him reaching for his medication…and occasionally a bottle of alcohol. There was a lot of growth for both characters, but I didn’t like how their big disagreement was immediately solved after a near death experience.

I lot of the story was easy to predict, but the moment when J.D. slipped up…well, I NEVER saw that coming! I liked how that was handled and both characters’ responses were believable.

I did like the intensity of the ending! Well, aside from the easy forgiveness, but it’s a nice HEA.

Looking forward to Micah and Gina’s story in Dangerous Passion. THAT will be an interesting pair!

Overall Impression: I Liked It

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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