Book Review: Dual Affairs by Lynn Kelling

Reviewed by Susan65

DualAffairs_CvrEPUBN_FIXTitle: Dual Affairs
Author: Lynn Kelling
Series: Twin Ties #2
Heroes: Evan and Brennan / Alek and Luka
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 254 Pages
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Available at: All Romance Ebooks and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: All Evan Savage wanted was a quiet night at the bar, waiting for his boyfriend to finish his shift; what he gets instead is a nightmare. Things were complex enough when his biggest problem was the tangled sex life he and his brother Brennan share with twin lovers Alek and Luka. When a selfless act ending in terrible violence lands Evan in the hospital, Brennan and Evan’s father returns to loom over their lives, asking questions none of the four want to answer.

The young men’s relationships to each other begin to unravel as carefully drawn boundary lines are blurred and crossed. The four must question the nature of their commitments to each other, what they each want, and what to say to those relentlessly demanding the truth. When the most dangerous thing you can do is admit to who you love, and jealousy is a luxury you can no longer afford, brutal honesty is the only remaining key to salvation…

…or damnation.


Review: I finished My Brother’s Lover and instantly started this sequel. I was expecting repercussions with the dad, and some major drama in the budding foursome relationship, but holy moly, this was a huge, emotionally draining, angst-fest..and I loved that. Anything that gets my emotions invested is a winner for me. This is a big winner.

Many people will have major issues with the perceived infidelity, but truthfully, it was needed to build the foundation for the guys attempts to create their own family dynamics. No one has to like it, but them, and that included their roomie’s, daddy Charlie, and Jimmy.

But, before we even get to the relationship issues, we are dealt a harsh gay bashing…and that was very hard for me to read, much harder than anything else in the book. I ended up liking Evan’s and Brennan’s dad, Charlie, by the end of the book, but he will not be winning any “father of year” awards. The fact that he couldn’t get off work to come see his beloved son in the hospital? Not cool, not acceptable.

Watching the guys struggle, and then “cheat” in order to get what they needed was hard at first. I wasn’t sure where it was leading and was quite nervous. I am happy to say that it ended well, but I do believe that Brennan got the short end of the stick…in both the daddy category and from Alek and Luka. It almost felt as if they could survive without him at times. He handled it better than I did, but it made me sad for him.

Even though this story ended on a pretty high note, one that is definitely on the fast track to a happily ever after, I was still thrilled to learn that a third book is in the works. The subject matter is not easy, but it is well written and the characters are relate-able. I’m looking forward to see where they go from here.

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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