Book Review: Jackdaw by K.J. Charles

Guest Reviewed by Gyn

1Title: Jackdaw
Author: K.J. Charles
Series: A Charm of Magpies,
Heroes: Jonah Pastern/Ben Spenser
Genre: MM Historical
Length: 189 Pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: February 17, 2015
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  If you stop running, you fall.

Jonah Pastern is a magician, a liar, a windwalker, a professional thief…and for six months, he was the love of police constable Ben Spenser’s life. Until his betrayal left Ben jailed, ruined, alone, and looking for revenge.

Ben is determined to make Jonah pay. But he can’t seem to forget what they once shared, and Jonah refuses to let him. Soon Ben is entangled in Jonah’s chaotic existence all over again, and they’re running together—from the police, the justiciary, and some dangerous people with a lethal grudge against them.

Threatened on all sides by betrayals, secrets, and the laws of the land, can they find a way to live and love before the past catches up with them?

This story is set in the world of the Charm of Magpies series.

Warning: Contains a policeman who should know better, a thief who may never learn, Victorian morals, heated encounters, and a very annoyed Stephen Day.


Review: I simply love it when a book comes along that’s right up my alley! Historical? Check. Paranormal? Check. Intense and angsty romance? Check. Challenging? Check. Check. Check.

Jackdaw is a stand alone novel based in the world KJ Charles created with the A Charm of Magpies series, which I simply loved. I love the angst, heartbreak and injustice the reader feels with a historical gay romance as well as the strength of the love and relationships that were forged in this period despite the obstacles. As if that wasn’t enough, the world created by Charles is not only based in Victorian England but also paranormal!

The world of justiciars and practitioners is unlike any other. Jonah is a practitioner (able to wield magic) wanted by the justiciars (magic police of sorts) for his role in the murder of four policemen, as well as his flagrant use of magic and habit of thievery. Sounds like a bad guy, right? Well, he kind of is and he kind of isn’t. I love how the author rides the gray line between good and bad with Jonah’s character and how she blurs the line between black and white with Ben’s character.

Ben is, or rather was, a normal guy; a constable, a son and a brother. That is until Jonah comes into his life, or more like until Jonah runs out of his life. His anger and hatred towards Jonah at the beginning of the book was so intense it sort of throbbed right there on the page. I loved every second of it! But when those issues are settled, the passion and love between the two of them was even better!

Don’t be fooled though, this book is not all about the romance. It’s an exciting and suspenseful adventure as well. There’s the chase, a host of characters, a billowing storm and a pitchfork mob! We get to see a bit of Stephen and Lucien from the Magpie series, which was very interesting indeed as they come across as rather unlikeable! In the end, it all works out though, and I was thoroughly happy with the outcome!

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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One thought on “Book Review: Jackdaw by K.J. Charles

  1. Thank you for your review and blurb. I put this on to read list.

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