Book Review: Felipe’s Honor by Ruby MacIntyre

Guest Reviewed by Morgan 

26166443Title: Felipe’s Honor
Author: Ruby MacIntyre
Series: Desires of the Dark Breed #1
Heroes: Charlie/Felipe
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 203 Pages
Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: August 24, 2015
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Evil is plaguing the streets of Omaha. Someone has been stealing innocent humans from the streets and turning them into mindless killers, mad with their thirst for blood.

Charlie is one of those innocents. Stolen at a young age, he’s long since lost any hope of having a normal life. He’s diseased now. A monster. How he managed to escape the Hunters, he will never know. But one thing is clear: the Hunters want him back. Desperately.

Felipe, the general of the Spanish vampire army, rescues a vampire runt from a group of Hunters threatening him with vile torments. The last thing he expects, or wants, is to learn the weakling is his destined mate. When he starts to see past Charlie’s physical appearance, what he feels threatens everything he has believed about himself for centuries.

Charlie knows Felipe doesn’t like him, so he tries to fight the inexplicable attraction he has for the virile general. Felipe tries to avoid Charlie at all costs, but everything changes when he’s threatened with losing Charlie forever. Then he’ll have to fix what he destroyed before it’s too late.


Review: Charlie was kidnapped as a 15 year old and transformed into a vampire against his will. He’s been held captive and forced to act like an animal to stave off starvation. He’s a runt in a world of large, masculine vampires. He’s been raped and tortured and many times wished for death, but has at long last managed to escape only to be found by another group of vampires, equally as imposing.

This time, however, the vamps are kind to him and only want to help him fit in the world into which he’s been thrust. All except Felipe. Felipe knows Charlie is his mate, but his pride won’t allow him to acknowledge that this weak, helpless, runt of a vampire could possibly be the mate of the second most powerful vampire in his group.

In time, Charlie masters the art of being a vampire and in turn finds his own powers. He also learns that Felipe has rejected him for a mate and so runs away from the only home he’s knows in the last decade.

By the time Charlie runs away, Felipe has realized his mistake only to learn that Charlie has been re-captured. Now he must save him and convince him to take him back.


There is a lot about this that I liked. Charlie is a great character because he’s the epitome of the under-dog who ends up on top.

Felipe, however, never quite turned around for me. He was a giant douche for most of the book, including having sex in front of Charlie with others even though he knew Charlie was his Mate.

I loved the paranormal aspects in this story. Charlie has some awesome powers and the vampires actually do some “vampy” things besides drink blood. The language and character building was very rich and felt lavish.

The smexy times were hot (including some exhibitionism) and the end led me to believe there’d be more books in this series with some pretty interesting secondary characters being fairly well developed.

I recommend this to fans of vampy love, runtish heroes and bad-guys turned good.

4.25 of 5 stars

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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