Audio Review: Fit to be Tied by Mary Calmes

Reviewed by Morgan 

28116297Title: Fit to be Tied
Author: Mary Calmes
Narrator: Tristan James
Series: Marshals #2
Heroes: Miro Jones/Ian Doyle
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 7 hours, 43 minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: December 6, 2015
Available at: Amazon, Audible and iTunes
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Deputy US Marshals Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are now partners on and off the job: Miro’s calm professionalism provides an ideal balance to Ian’s passion and quick temper. In a job where one misstep can be the difference between life and death, trust means everything. But every relationship has growing pains, and sometimes Miro stews about where he stands with his fiery lover. Could the heartstrings that so recently tied them together be in danger of unraveling?

Those new bonds are constantly challenged by family intrusions, well-intentioned friends, their personal insecurities, and their dangerous careers—including a trial by fire when an old case of Miro’s comes back to haunt them. It might just be enough to make Ian rethink his decision to let himself be tied down, and Miro can only hope the links they’ve forged will be strong enough to hold.


Review – Book: In All Kinds of Tied Down, Miro and Ian discovered that their friendship was way more than that. They discovered that they loved one another and are just starting on this relationship (6 months down the line) in Fit to be Tied.

We start the book off, right away, with Miro and Ian in a bit of a fight because Ian cannot understand why Miro would want to get married. Miro knows Ian is it for him and knows Ian knows that, too. To Miro, the next logical step is a ring and a ceremony and forever. They already own the house together, they’re out at work, their family knows… what else could be more logical?

Ian, however, has his own reasons for not wanting the ring or the ceremony. His typical inability to articulate this makes for a bit of conflict between the two – nothing so strident as to make them split up – but definitely some hurt feelings.

And, of course, there are people out there doing bad things that Miro and Ian have to stop. In particular, there is an evil doctor who escapes prison and lets Miro know he’s next in line for revenge. (Remember that Miro gets hurt, like every other second, so of course he gets injured again in this book, too!)

And of course Ian gets called on duty and Miro has to wait on pins and needles til he makes it home safe and sound.

And there’s Sam. *Sigh* He’s such a bad ass! He sticks up for Miro when the FBI want to do some crazy stuff and he kicks serious butt when danger presents itself. He’s frickin’ awesome (but we knew that) and it was so much fun to see this side of him in action! (I wonder if even Jory realizes exactly how bad ass he truly is?!?!)

Of course, the sex between Ian and Miro is smokin’ hot and I will tell you… it gets even hotter!

Poor Ian is faced with his father’s new family and their complete ignorance of him and his mother and Miro has to make things right… this part almost made me cry.

And finally, there’s Chickie – The Most Bad Ass Dog To Ever Live! Chickie saves the day – again – and Ian has to decide who is the best home for him. (This becomes quite symbolic in the overall scheme of things and Miro has to show Ian how nobody can be better for Chickie than Ian himself.)


I just love Mary Calmes – I’m a crazy fangirl – so I was ecstatic to read another installment of the couple that are rapidly becoming one of my all time favorite couples.

The dynamic between Ian and Miro goes from being mostly new and sexual to a solid relationship based on love and emotion with honest problems and concerns (and over the top danger!) and sincere worries and strife. It was great watching their relationship grow and mature and the ending leads me to believe (desperately hope!) for at least one more installment in their adventure.

I cannot give this enough praise or stars, so I will give it 6 of 5 stars and trust you to figure out that it was frickin’ awesome and amazing and wonderful and … you get the idea!

Review – Audio Book:  Tristan James outdoes himself here. The emotion, the accents, the pacing. So. Amazing. The part where Miro is taken… totally crying… what an amazing way to experience this book. Highly recommended.

6 of 5 stars

Overall Impression:  It was amazing

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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