Audio Review: Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux

Reviewed by Susan65

27785262Title: Touch & Geaux
Author: Abigail Roux
Narrator: J.F. Harding
Series: Cut & Run #7
Heroes: Ty/Zane
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 8 hours, 52 minutes
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: December 5, 2015
Available at: Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: After having their faces plastered across the news during a high-profile case, FBI Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett have become more useful to the Bureau posing for photo ops than working undercover. Just as Zane is beginning to consider retirement a viable option, Ty receives a distress call from a friend, leading them to a city rife with echoes from the past.

New Orleans wears its history on its streets, and it’s the one place Ty’s face could get him killed. Surrounded by trouble as soon as they land, Ty and Zane are swiftly confronted with a past from which Ty can’t hide—one with a surprising connection to Zane’s.

As threats close in from all directions, both men must come to terms with the lives they’ve led and the lies they’ve told. They soon discover that not all their secrets are out yet, and nothing lasts forever.


Review – Book: No doubt about it….for me, this is the best M/M series ever, the most highly developed main and secondary characters ever, and the hottest sex scenes ever!

I honestly didn’t think after Stars & Stripes that I could love another Ty & Zane book as much as I did that one. I was wrong….thank God I was wrong! And listening to the narrator during the confrontation with Ty and Zane, after all the secrets were revealed, I was even more on the “edge of my seat” than when I read it the first time.

We have seen these guys in every situation possible…and some maybe a little improbable, but I would take these guys in any scenario and be one happy girl because I still LOVE THEM! Abigail Roux keeps these guys true to their characters and even if it means a little angst (well, maybe a bit more than a little in this one) then so be it. Bring it on.

The gist:  Zane took what he considered to be the ultimate betrayal and showed his displeasure in true Zane fashion. He hits the bottle and tosses Ty across the room…without apology and more like a big “Fuck You”. Many had an issue with that, but I was like, “yeah, baby, show us how you really feel”.

Ty did what Ty does best…his job; also without question and without apology. To me, his reasons for the “betrayal” were understandable and acceptable. He would do whatever it took to stay with Zane and protect him…you can’t fault the guy for that! That is true love…mercenary style.

I loved seeing Sidewinder again, especially Nick, and having them play a major role was spot on for making this one a big hit. Finally meeting up with Ava and learning about both of the guys past was quite the eye opener…I did not see that coming! Seriously, Ty is a freaking chameleon.

And Liam, Liam, Liam….whatever are you up too? I hated him at first, then he grew on me, and at the end I was like OMFG what the hell were you thinking!!! We all know he will be back.

In closing; this book showed the most real emotion out of all the books. Secret pasts are revealed and hopefully now they can just move on to a settled and sedate life together. Yeah, right…not with that fricking bombshell dropped at the end. Fucking A Ty, what a way to come flying out of the closet…and dragging Zane with you…two thumbs up buddy; and being reactivated in the Marines? Holy shitski, what a great way to end a story! This series has no chance of settling down and becoming sedate…thank God, and thank you, Ms. Roux.

Review – Audio: J.F. Harding knocks it out of the ball field, especially with his Ty performance. The emotions are spot on, and his Ty voice is exactly what I heard in my head whenever I read the books. Ty was hurting and in emotional distress, Zane was an emotional H bomb, Sidewinder was all over the board and the narrator nailed it. The fight scene between Ty and Zane was a masterful performance, and I actually rewound to listen again. Mr. Harding is doing an amazing job of keeping the listener enthralled, and I look forward to seeing how he finished the series.

Overall Impression: It was amazing

*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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