Book Review: All You Can Eat by Ingela Bohm

Reviewed by JustJen

28805820Title: All You Can Eat
Author: Ingela Bohm
Heroes: Xavier/Guy
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 225 Pages
Publisher: Ingela Bohm
Release Date: January 30, 2016
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  How do you date someone who doesn’t eat?

Dietician Xavier Deniel is the poster boy for healthy eating. Toned and fit, he practices what he preaches, and his patients keep coming back just for the pleasure of seeing him. His spare time is divided between the gym and the other men who go there, and that’s the way he likes it.

Until Guy turns up. He is Xavier’s opposite in every way: mousy and awkward, sullen and frail. Worst of all, he carries a beast inside him, one that makes all human connection impossible. Lesser men than Xavier would recoil in disgust if they knew, and Guy is not about to reveal his true self to a bloody Frenchman.

But what Guy doesn’t know is that Xavier has stumbled on his half-forgotten blog, the one place where he has confessed all his secrets. When the truth comes out, will Xavier run for the hills – or will he be the one to finally force the beast out in the open?


Review: This story gripped me right away. Guy has an eating disorder. He wants to be committed to a psychiatric hospital, but has yet been unable to accomplish that. He is sent to dietician, Xavier, instead.

Xavier is a tad superficial, with a perfect body, good looks, etc. He makes a living telling other people how to eat. Guy is the complete opposite of what he goes for, but there is something about him that he can’t resist and wants to understand. He starts out seeking that understanding wanting to help “fix” Guy. He does this mostly by reading Guy’s blog.

Guy has had problems ever since he was away as an exchange student in France. He has come to hate everything about France and French people due to his stay with a not-so-perfect family. He wants to be normal, but just can’t seem to make himself do what it takes. He starves himself, binge eats, and throws it up after. He wrote a blog about his experiences in the hopes of finding others who feel the same, not ever intending anyone like Xavier to read it.

When he meets Xavier, he wants to impress him, but it seems hopeless when it seems all Xavier wants is for him to eat. On the flip side, Xavier has feelings for Guy, but Guy just doesn’t fit the image of what Xavier wants in a man.

Much of this story, or Guy’s story, is told through Xavier’s reading of Guy’s blog posts. In the early stages, these were quite interesting, but they become a bit drawn out after a while. I kept waiting for the big reveal or cause for Guy’s disorder, and there never really was one. Xavier comes across as so superficial through most of this story that it was hard to like him. He eventually changes his views and allows himself to think differently about Guy. We never really got to see these two connect until close to the end, but I was happy to see it finally happen.

I’ve never read a story about a man with an eating disorder, so this one was quite unique. It was a bit heartbreaking, but, in the end, these guys found a way to meet in the middle and make it work. I found it an interesting story and will definitely be looking to read more from Ms. Bohm in the future.

Overall Impression: I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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