Book Review: Crying Wolf by Kelex

Reviewed by Susan65

29776482Title: Crying Wolf
Author: Kelex
Series: Bloodlines #2
Heroes: Lucas/Jakob/Ryan
Genre: MMM Paranormal
Length: 138 Pages
Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing
Release Date: April 3, 2016
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: As alpha to the coywolves, Lucas has done everything in his power to keep his struggling bloodline from failing. His entire focus has always been the betterment of his people, often putting them before himself. When he finally achieves legitimacy and a place for the coywolves in the senate, he also makes a demand for himself—the one and only male who’s made him burn.

Duty has always been Jakob’s focus. He’s been captain of the king’s guard for centuries. His oath is all, but the temptation that Lucas presents makes him doubt everything. He refuses Lucas, unwilling to break the pledge he made to his king.

When King Eirik grants Lucas’ claim on Jakob, a war begins between the two. Without his duty and service, Jakob loses sight of who he is and he refuses to surrender to the dominant alpha forcing him down a new path.

Can the two find a way to have a future together, or will the human who enters their lives tear them apart?


Review: I love this paranormal world where loyalty to king and fierce sexual attraction to an outsider causes as much turmoil and insecurity as desire and the need to be loved. I adored the little bit we saw of Jakob in the first book and was thrilled that he was getting his happy ending with Lucas. But wow, I didn’t expect him to be treated like property from his king and his lover. He felt betrayed and I felt betrayed for him. That was totally not handled well for our loyal Captain of the Guard. I was instantly and totally Team Jakob, and even whooped out loud when he found his blood mate, thinking “that’ll teach you to treat him so insignificantly”. But, Lucas is more than meets the eye. He is an alpha so I get his natural inclination to lord his power over others, and he was obviously in love with Jakob, so I get it, I really do. Lucas just needed a little assistance in the ways of wooing his lover.

I was glad that Jakob was man enough, or wolf enough, to voice his hurt to his king and to his lover. Taking away Jakob’s life’s calling without thought to his feelings on the matter was wrong on so many levels. They both needed to see that Jakob had a worth outside their own selfish needs, and even though they both had the best of intentions they failed where it mattered most…being honest with Jakob. Meeting their third mate, a human named Ryan, throws a huge monkey wrench into the equation. It’s hard to build a relationship built on lies and hurt feelings, but then to find out there is another man involved just adds more meat to the pie. All this while watching them stumble through the witches manipulations, while Lucas is trying to rebuild their crumbling town, made it seem as if the stack was piled against them.

I totally enjoyed watching our trio fight through their adversity and double their efforts of learning to love one another and figuring out how to be a family together. It is never easy when the relationship is a couple, but add in the fact that you now are a menage, with two different species of wolf shifters and a human, and all the responsibility of leading a newly accepted pack, then the stress and struggle is magnified. But our boys, with the unexpected assistance of a witch, and the friendship and olive branch extended by King Eirik, are given the resources needed to rebuild their town and their love. If you are a fan of paranormal, shifters, and menage, then I have no doubt that you will definitely be wanting to read this series, and this book.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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