Dreamers’ Destiny by Tempeste O’Riley: Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway!

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Welcome back to the blog tour and giveaway. Today I’m over at The Blogger Girls with an Exclusive Excerpt and thought it would be fun to talk a little about what’s in the teaser I picked.

Liam is talked into training with Nosha, his aunt’s priest, to better understand and use his dream abilities. This doesn’t always go as well as he’d like. Actually, it often doesn’t go as he plans, though it does go as it needs, when he actually opens himself up to what’s happening. What happened after the end of this teaser is a prime example of that, but I’m not going to give that away 😀

Sometimes though, his inner bratty teen whines its way out, lol.

I had a lot of fun writing Nosha and Liam interacting. Nosha never takes Liam’s crap, or whining—not that he does it often, don’t worry—and his delivery is great. The best part is how Liam is in the rest of his life at this point. Most people he knows would never believe he’d act as you see below, but Cameron can bring it out in him. Of course, one has to wonder… is that a good thing? 😉

Exclusive Excerpt from Dreamers’ Destiny

by Tempeste O’Riley

Unable to be still, Liam paced Nosha’s small living room, frustrated. He’d tried the last three nights to contact Cam while he slept. Well, technically, he had visited Cameron. What he’d failed to do was to actually have a conversation of any importance, or get Cam to call him, for that matter.

“Liam, stop. My poor floors can’t take your incessant pounding.”

Jerking to a halt, Liam glanced to where Nosha sat, calm and collected in the same comfy chair he always used, staring at Liam. “Sorry, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m going to Cam when I choose, just like we planned. I’m taking control of the dream.” He ran his fingers through his short-cropped hair again, knowing he probably had the whole mad-scientist look going on right then. “Well, as much as anyone can with how, er, determined he is to distract me. Heck, I’ve even taken control of things like place and clothing, deliberately, once. But get him to remember something as simple as ‘call me’? Nope, can’t do that one.”

“As fun as it is to watch you like this, it would be better if you calmed down a bit. Things aren’t as bad as you seem to think.”

“He’s not called me since our… I don’t even know if that was a date or not. For coffee, but not the point, though—”

“What is your point?” Nosha asked, midrant. “The guy said he wanted to date you, right? He said you could visit his dreams again. From the color you turn when that’s mentioned, I’m assuming he’s happy in his dreams for you to be there.”

“Yes, but, oh God, I sound like a sixteen-year-old whining ‘Why hasn’t he called!’” Liam groaned and pulled his hair as he did before dropping his hands to his sides. “Okay, I’m an adult. I can deal with this in a mature fashion.”

Nosha’s rumbling laugh didn’t overly help his confidence or mood. “It’s really not that funny, man. This is my life here.”

“I know it is. I’m just glad to see you finally get that. But look, I’m not a couples counselor. What I am is a priest and a dream walker that promised to guide and teach you. You really need to calm so you can focus.”

“Yeah, I know. Sorry for flaking out again.”

“It’s all right.” Nosha shrugged and smiled. “Now, why don’t you go change into the stuff you brought in your bag there and I’ll set things up for the circle and meditation.”


“I want you to work through one of the meditations I mentioned before once we cast circle.”

“Right, sorry.” Liam nodded, then grabbed his bag from where he’d left it by the front door and went to change in the guest bathroom. A pair of sweats and a loose T-shirt didn’t seem like much for doing ritual stuff, but meditating while uncomfortable didn’t really work, and he knew it. He was still struggling a bit with the whole religious aspect of his training, but not like he’d expected.

Unlike Di, he wasn’t raised with religion of any kind. Oh, he knew the basics of Christianity, but that was about it. He knew enough to not put his foot in it at school, but he never really thought about it or paid much attention. He knew even less about Wicca and paganism, even though his grandparents and aunt were multigenerational followers. Liam liked the little circle-casting work they had done so far. He enjoyed the way it made him feel energized yet peaceful. The part that surprised him, though, was how he felt connected to something bigger than himself during those times.

Liam folded his clothes and placed them back in his duffel, looked at himself one more time in the mirror, then squared his shoulders and turned to the door. In that moment, he decided he would really try hard to embrace not only the dream work, but the concept of guides and Deity in his life. As he stepped into the living room again, he felt lighter and more hopeful than he had in years.


About Dreamers’ Destiny

DreamersDestinyLiam Grady is the owner of the Feathered Quill, a quirky little bookstore in Asheville, and—though he doesn’t realize it yet—a dream walker. His last relationship failed almost a year ago, and he’s not had the interest or nerve to pursue anyone he’s met since.

Cameron Danu is a tattoo artist from rural Georgia. Cameron is left without a job after his boss, José, is forced to close the shop after a heart attack. When Cameron learns José has set up an interview for him at a small tattoo parlor in Asheville, he hopes for a fresh start in a new town.

Fate brings Cameron and Liam together, and they realize they’ve met before—in their dreams. A chance encounter and a winged tattoo might lead them to their destiny—if fear doesn’t turn their dreams into a nightmare.

Available at: Dreamspinner Press & Amazon


About Tempeste O’Riley


Tempeste O’Riley is an out and proud pansexual genderfluid whose best friend growing up had the courage to do what they couldn’t—defy the hate and come out. He has been their hero ever since.

Tempe is a hopeless romantic who loves strong relationships and happily-ever-afters. They has done many things in their life, yet writing has always drawn them back—no matter what else life has thrown their way. They counts her friends, family, and Muse as their greatest blessings in life. They lives in Wisconsin with their children, reading, writing, and enjoying life—especially now that they have joined the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® (as Novice Sister Eroti-Quill… can’t imagine where that name came from).

Tempe is also a proud PAN member of Romance Writers of America®, WisRWA, and Rainbow Romance Writers. Tempe’s preferred pronouns are they/them/their/theirs/themselves.

Website ♥ Goodreads ♥ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♥ Google + ♥ DSP ♥ Blog

Tempeste’s Temptations (FB Group)


As part of Tempe’s blog tour for Dreamers’ Destiny, she’s doing a tour-wide giveaway where you get a chance to win a print book from her backlist, a $25 Gift Certificate for Dreamspinner Press, an audiobook of either “Designs of Desire” or “Caged Sanctuary” or an eBook from Tempeste’s back list! To enter, just click the link below!

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Please be aware that the only way to enter the giveaway is to click the Rafflecopter link above.  Any comments on this post will not count towards entering the giveaway but will be welcome anyway.

Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “Dreamers’ Destiny by Tempeste O’Riley: Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway!

  1. Trix

    If Cameron can help Liam find new sides of himself, that’s always important!

  2. JenCW

    I can’t imagine how it would feel to meet in real life after years of dreaming together. I was be so surprised, I’d probably miss my chance to talk .

  3. jodi marinich

    love this story

  4. I love reading a story where the characters can grow and experience new things.

  5. Victoria

    Really awesome excerpt! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. jenf27

    Thanks for the excerpt! It sounds like Liam’s experience with Cameron is making him stretch and try new things.

  7. LOL, I lost it at “Liam, stop. My poor floors can’t take your incessant pounding.” Great excerpt, thanks for sharing!

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