Book Review: His Wolven Warrior by Kelex

Reviewed by Susan65

HisWolvenWarrior-002Title: His Wolven Warrior
Author: Kelex
Series: Bloodlines #3
Heroes: Takeo/Tanner
Genre: 137 Pages
Length: MM Paranormal
Publisher: Twisted E Publishing
Release Date: May 30, 2016
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Born a mixed blood amongst the strict Hokkaido, Takeo has always been seen as an outcast. The shadow warrior has remained on the fringes, called on from time to time to do the jobs no one else would do. When he’s commanded to New York City to steal a token item from an Eastern Gray Wolf, he begrudgingly goes as bidden.

Once he arrives, he’s tempted by his mark’s twin brother. Losing focus, he’s almost caught somewhere he does not belong and hides—leading him to unwittingly play voyeur. Unable to get the male out of his mind after, he struggles with the desire beating in his heart.

Tanner McManus has a fresh face in his bed nearly every night. When he meets a sexy, mysterious male who nearly demands to be taken to that bed, Tanner willingly obliges—and has a night neither can forget. For once Tanner wants more than one night, and it ends up being with someone he shouldn’t want.

When Tanner is charged with murder—it’s up to Takeo to prove Tanner is innocent. That is, if Tanner’s willing to look past who Takeo is long enough to help him find the truth.

And maybe find themselves with each other.


Review: I was a little unsure who Tanner and Takeo were before I started this book and so I was uncertain where the story was leading. About halfway through, I remembered that Tanner, and his twin Asher, were introduced in the last book. This, by no means, took away my enjoyment; I was just unsure at first how they fit with the rest of Bloodlines story.

Tanner is such a slut puppy. You get that from the blurb, but still, he is such the typical player that I was afraid he would be unable to curb is vivacious sexual appetites with just one man. Fortunately, Takeo is just what Tanner needed …for now. I am sure a blood mate will put a wrinkle in their happy for now ending so I won’t be surprised if they end up in a threesome later.

These two should have never even met, let alone become mates. Especially since Tanner thinks that Takeo murdered his brother. The issues between the brothers: Julian, Tanner, and Asher were very dynamic and played an integral part of the storyline. I am now looking forward to Julian’s story, which I assume will be next. He really hurt Tanner, but I was glad that they loved each other enough to forgive and forget that whole fiasco.

Takeo and Tanner have a love-hate relationship. They are enemies, but not. They know they are not good for each other, but they can’t stay away either. I would normally say I wish the story were longer, but in this case I really needed them to find a resolution and so I am glad it’s a short story. I was also thrilled to find out who Takeo’s other father was.

My only issue and this is for all the books so far, is that I want to read about and see the births of the men who are pregnant. I initially picked up the first book because I like mpreg. So far we have seen none of this, with the exception of the king holding his infant son. So I now know the baby was born but I feel cheated that I missed a whole segment of their story. I am hoping that we get to see something, especially about Gunner, in future installments.

Otherwise, this is a great series. I love where it started and where it’s going. I look forward to seeing how Julian’s story plays out and hope that’s next.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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