Book Review: Risky Behavior by L.A. Witt and Cari Z.

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: Risky Behavior
Authors: L.A. Witt and Cari Z.
Series: Bad Behavior #1
Heroes: Andreas Ruffner/Darren Corliss
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 309 Pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: May 1, 2017
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb: It’s day one of Darren Corliss’s career as a detective, and not only has he been assigned a notoriously difficult partner, but the guy might also be a pill-popping dirty cop. Internal Affairs needs proof, and Darren gets to be their eyes and ears whether he wants to or not.

Detective Andreas Ruffner doesn’t play by the rules, and he doesn’t play well with others. With bodies piling up and a list of suspects who are way above his pay grade, the last thing he needs is a wet-behind-the-ears kid for a partner. Or babysitter. Not even if that partner is easy on the eyes.

As Darren gains Andreas’s hard-won trust, they both realize there’s more than just mutual suspicion simmering beneath the surface. But their investigation is heating up as quickly as their relationship, and Darren has no choice but to go along with Andreas’s unorthodox—and borderline unethical—methods. As IA puts the squeeze on Darren to give up the man he’s falling for, he has to wonder—is Andreas the only cop left in this town who isn’t dirty?


Review: What a great start to this dynamic duo of Detectives Dareen Corliss and Andreas Ruffner. Poor Darren, he has so many obstacles to overcome; his youthful appearance, his stepfather’s shadow, and Internal Affairs warns him that his new partner is under investigation and Darren is their new eyes and ears. Not exactly how he wanted to start his first day as a detective, and definitely not how you win friends with the notoriously difficult Detective Ruffner.

Darren reminded me of a playful puppy. He wanted his new partner to like and trust him and play ball with him, but he wasn’t sure how to get past the rough exterior…and that very good looking shell. Andreas was older and hot as sin. Darren was a goner from day one. Andreas is in deep, he’s got secrets but he’s not a totally bad cop. Yes, he breaks a couple rules, but those rules prohibit the catching and convicting of some really bad criminals. In his mind, the ends justifies the means. And having a partner just makes his job harder.

Andreas has piled up enemies inside the force and on the streets. He can’t trust anyone else because what he knows could get them or him killed. This is where I started loving the story; once Darren and Andreas had all the cards on the table and were working as a team. It didn’t hurt that the steam factor between them was a little off the charts. I loved that this story wasn’t about men coming out the closet but more two men working together to forge a relationship while trying to stay alive.

Great beginning to this series and I am looking forward to seeing where our boys go from here in the next installment. They went through a lot in this book and I can only imagine the wringer they get put through coming up. Highly recommended.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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