Dual Book Review: Crossing Jordan by Shannon West

Reviewed by JustJen and Susan65

Title: Crossing Jordan
Author: Shannon West
Heroes: Jace O’Neal/Will Jordan
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 135 Pages
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date: May 12, 2017
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb:  A complicated web of lies threatens Jace’s life and he must fight his way to happiness through a maze of romance, murder and intrigue.

Jace O’Neal is slowly rebuilding his life after a disastrous romance with an actor named Dylan Malone in NYC sends him back to Atlanta in disgrace. Living with his mother and his brother, a fourteen-year-old with Fragile X syndrome, one of the known causes of autism, Jace is pursued by Malone, who finally persuades him into another relationship. Then Dylan goes missing and the evidence left at the scene points to Jace’s involvement.

The detective on the case, Will Jordan, is drawn to Jace right away, and learns that Jace’s former lover was manipulative and cruel. Will fights his attraction to Jace as he seeks the truth of what happened to Malone. As more clues emerge and point to Jace, Jordan begins to believe Jace is in danger. A complicated web of lies threatens Jace’s life and he must fight his way to happiness through a maze of romance, murder and intrigue.


Jen’s Review:  Jace escaped a bad relationship and is back home with his mom and younger special needs brother, Tyler, trying to get his life back on track.  When Jace’s ex goes missing, Jace is suspect number one with all evidence pointing to him.  Will is the detective investigating the case.  He and Jace have an instant connection, and it doesn’t take long for Will to believe that Jace didn’t have anything to do with the disappearance and is most likely being framed.

The story progresses as the two try to solve the mystery and we learn a bit about Jace’s volatile past relationship with Dylan.   This was a domestic violence type of relationship where no matter how bad things got, Jace kept going back.  But now that he finally has a chance at something better, someone is getting in the way.

This was a pretty fast-paced story that kept me on the edge wanting the details and to solve the mystery and set Jace free once and for all.  There were some things towards the end that had me scratching my head.  It does get a little confusing (even in the blurb) with using first names sometimes and last names others, but all in all, it was an interesting read.  Things happen pretty fast where the relationship is concerned and they don’t really get a chance for it to fully form though it seems to be well on its way as the story ends.  If you like a story with a little mystery and seeing a good guy finally find some happiness, then be sure to give this one a try.

Overall Impression:  I liked it!



Susan’s Review:

This was an great little thriller concerning a psycho ex-boyfriend and his need for revenge . I was unsure, at first, what was going on as the horrible aspects of that relationship had already occurred and the reader is left waiting as each layer is unfolded. I can’t imagine being in that situation and Jace was just too nice of a guy to accept any of the blame, but it fit with his character. So sad what some will do in the name of love.

Jordan is one of the detectives investigating this case, and although he comes across very strong at first, he soon realizes that Jace is being framed. At this point, the motive is what is missing and if they can’t find that, or the psycho Dylan, then Jace could be held accountable. Dylan was a real piece of work. He had no redeeming qualities, and although I understand his grief, a normal person learns to get past that naturally. How Jace ever went back to him is a mystery to me.

What was also a mystery was how Jordan’s character was so flip floppy. Jace was confused and so was I. For a detective, he was bit of an enigma…and a little rough around the edges. I completely understood why Jace got ticked off at him. Jordan was at a crossroads, and he was crossing the line where his case was concerned, but he could have treated Jace a little nicer. But, at the end he comes through and I was glad he was open about his belief that Jace was innocent. It helped their “relationship” progress. This story occurs in a very short time frame so saying they are in a relationship seems a bit premature…I would consider this more a happy-for-now, even though they end on a high note.

It was great read, but I believe the ending and the vengeful resolution was way too easy and happened way to fast. The buildup lasted for most of the book and so the quick ending was a little anti-climatic. Regardless, it was well written and very enjoyable so I am happy to recommend this story.

Overall Impression:   I really liked it!

*We received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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