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The temptation you wish you could resist?

The rest of my family love what we Brits call crisps and Americans call chips. When they are there in the house. I can’t help myself, I’ll eat them all. And yet, I don’t like them that much. They are not something I’d seek out to buy. My “bad” food snack of choice would be something more chocolate or cake based. Let’s call it chocolate cake.

Whilst on the subject, I also love chips. Real British chips that are thick cut chunks of potato double fried and served with ketchup, brown sauce, or something spicy like curry sauce.

The film you can watch time and time again?

Terminator 2. The Sarah Connor character is awesome and it was such a groundbreaking film in its time.

The person who influenced you the most?

Perhaps my father. We share a love of SF films. His big influence has been by example. Like him I rarely gossip about people. If I have negative thoughts about people, I try to keep them to myself, mostly. I’m not perfect. Over my life I learned consideration for others is a good things to aim for because there are often many sides to an argument and you can’t judge other people’s behaviour because you do not know the full reasons behind their action. I definitely put these values down to my father’s influence.

My mother exists in stark contrast. She is positively brimming with judgement an opinions that she wants to share.

The unlikely interest that engages your curiosity?


The poem that touches your soul?

I pretty much avoid poetry. But sometimes it is thrust upon us.

The two epic poems by Homer have touched my life probably more than any other poetry. I have print editions of The Odyssey and The Iliad on my bookshelves and I’ve listened to audiobooks of them.

I’ve visited Greece to see the ancient sites and I have a massive tattoo featuring Greek Gods.  

The event that altered the course of your life?

Having children. Of course, I knew children would change my life, but I didn’t realise just how much.

The happiest moment you will cherish forever?

Various first moments with my first child.

I’ll never forget find out my second child was not one but two. I was expecting twins. I don’t know whether happy is quite the word I’d use, though.


About Rescued From Paradise

Two hot men. One deserted tropical island.

Carefree Adam Bennet comes from a long line of earthy people— gardeners, herbalists, hippies, and farmers. His grandmother taught him and his brothers to live off the land, to heal themselves, and above all, to trust their intuition about a person or situation.

Mr. Don’t-Touch-Me Wade O’Rourke wouldn’t dream of something so pedestrian as living off the land. His family is monied, and formal. Taking his place in his uncle’s company is the thing to do— never mind that he hates his life, and he has reasons to hate his uncle, too.

When Wade and Adam meet on an airplane they don’t quite hit it off. But they’re the only two survivors of a crash landing on an island paradise, they have to join forces to survive.

Will Adam take a chance on love with the seemingly straight man? Underneath Wade’s business suit, which he once wore like armor against intimacy, is a hard body and a tender heart.

When love blossoms, can it survive the rescue and return to their American small town?

This full-length, standalone novel contains: Tropical fruit too juicy to just eat, a man damaged by his homophobic upbringing and steamy man on man love action and a happy ending.

Available at: Amazon

Exclusive Excerpt from Rescued From Paradise

He glanced down and saw the snake. A huge snake. A very large snake wanting to get cozy with Adam.

Holy shit.

How did he get out of this? The snake took no notice of Adam’s direct attempts to dislodge from him.

“Wade?” he croaked out softly. “Wake up, please.”

Wade huffed and moaned softly. “What?”

“Need you to help me. Like, now.” Adam tried very hard to keep his panic under control. It wasn’t so easy to keep it out of his voice.

With a groan, Wade turned over, then sat up suddenly. “Fuck!” he shouted and rolled away.

Panic mounted at an accelerating pace. “Get it off me!” he cried out in a choked voice.

Wade returned to Adam’s side in a flash. He grabbed the snake right behind the jaws. With a firm hand, he pulled and tugged.

The massive snake was not willing to give up his warm human pillow so easily.

Wrestling it away from Adam, Wade was within reach of his knife. It took several chops to sever the head from the rest of the body.

Adam pushed the snake body off and backed up rapidly until his back hit the cave wall.

Wade fell on his butt, still holding onto the snake.

“Oh shit,” Adam said. He started laughing. Right at that border between hysterics and relief, Adam covered his eyes with one hand as he laughed. “Oh shit.”

Wade held onto the snake until it finished thrashing.

Relief finally broke through, and Adam crawled over to Wade. He cupped Wade’s face and pulled him close for an exhilarated kiss. Pressing lips to lips, Adam’s shaking hands smoothed over Wade’s arms and pushed them out of the way so he could crawl into his lap.

If Wade felt like he needed to push Adam away, he didn’t. His arms wrapped around Adam’s waist and he held tightly as Adam pursued the kiss aggressively this time, tongue pushing in to lick at the inside of Wade’s mouth. Wade’s beard scratched at his chin as he pressed hard.

Body heat seeped pleasantly through Adam’s clothing. Relief and the feeling of being alive, of the adrenaline coursing through his body, kept him giddy, high and holding tightly to Wade.

The kiss affected Wade, too. Adam could feel the firm line of Wade’s cock as it pressed against his own.

Hard. Harder than when they started this.

And still, Wade didn’t push him away.

Finally, when the moment began to pass, Adam slowly pulled from the kiss. He rubbed gently at his chin and smiled shyly at Wade. “Sorry about that.”

“No, it’s fine,” Wade said.

Awkwardness inserted itself, and Adam reluctantly climbed from Wade’s lap. “That scared the bejeezus out of me. That’s never happened to me before. Ever.”

“Scared me, too,” Wade admitted. He gestured to the snake with his knife. “At least we have chicken for dinner?”

Adam paused and looked at the snake before he got the joke. “Oh, that is so bad.”

“I should be able to salvage some other parts of the snake for use, too. Not enough for boots, though.”

“Ah well, guess I’ll just wear palm leaves to the ball next week.”


About HJ Perry

HJ Perry is a 49 years old mother of three school aged children. They live by the English seaside and from her hometown she can see France. Helen loves reading. If it were possible, she’d do nothing else. She reads science fiction, fantasy, young adult, all types of LGBT fiction, and, of course, gay romance. Aside from reading she likes walking and watching films, most often science fiction or thrillers.

HJP has written many books about men falling in love in England where, for the most part, LGBT people are treated with the same respect as anyone else. Having worked in the construction industry for years in real life, she has written many fictional characters working in similar macho, male dominated environments.

Despite reading American books and watching American shows, writing American characters has been a huge challenge for her. With a lot of help, Rescued from Paradise is her first novel featuring Americans and set in the US.

Find out more about HJ on her Blog/Website and Facebook Author Page.


As part of this blog tour, HJ is giving away one of three ebooks from her backlist!!! To enter, just click the link below!

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Good luck!

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