Honorary Blogger Morningstar Ashley: The Begin Again Series – What to Expect! And Other Future Projects + Excerpt & Giveaway!


The Begin Again Series – What to Expect! And Other Future Projects

by Morningstar Ashley

When this series started it was just going to be a standalone of Mac and Bennett, but Jaden snuck in loud and clear and said “I want a damn happily ever after!” so, of course, he gets his wish. And the poor guy he’s going after doesn’t stand a chance. I wonder if people have figured out who it is? 😉

Then, there’s Allie, who in the course of writing A Different Light, I fell in-love with! I mean she is the kind of person I’d love to be, with her tattoos, throwing gender norms out the window, and complete sass! She has fought so hard in her life to be true to herself in a town that would love for her to go quietly back to where she was hiding. She will get her story after Jaden, and it will most likely be a novella at some point next year. AND, it’ll be a F/F story but one that for those that do not enjoy those, they can skip it without worrying about missing any important developments.

Then just this past week, two things happened LOL. First, Mac and Bennett decided they weren’t quite done. There’s just one more story they want told and it’ll most likely be a Christmas story, mainly because of scheduling. And it’’ be sappy and cute with all kinds of lovey stuff if Mac has any say. The second thing that happened is a secondary character decided he too wanted his HEA. If you’ve read the book and you remember Jesse, the senior boy that was about to graduate high school, you will see him in the future, although I’m not quite sure when.

So, what is this series about? This is about beginning again, starting over to find your happy. Sometimes that means working through a problem from the past, or working toward something for your future. Like Bennett had to work passed his judgements and his fear. Mac had to work passed the hurt caused by his parents and the guilt he carried for the last ten years. All the characters who live, or work, or move to White Acre will find their home, find their love, and most of all find themselves.

Lastly, regarding the Love By Design series, Peter’s book will be coming, I promise! He’s being a bit broody and quiet letting Bennett and Jaden step up and get theirs first. I think he just wants to put off finding his guy because he’s a chicken, but hey, that’s just my opinion. My goal for him is mid-year as long as he cooperates! After Peter, brings us Ben! It’ll be a busy year!




About A Different Light

Bennett Cole had lived next door to Mitchell “Mac” Campbell, III for eighteen years of his life, in the small town of White Acre. They’d never gotten along, never seen eye to eye, and never understood one another…not that they’d ever cared to try.

But when Bennett’s so-called buddies ditched him at a party in the woods where he was assaulted and left for dead, Bennett pulled through. The emotional scars rendered him too terrified to go back to school and face his “friends” or his attackers. With little choice, his family packed up and left town.

Ten years later—at the request of his mother—Bennett returned to the place he’d grown up and the home he’d once felt safe, to oversee the repairs before his childhood house was sold. The contractor? None other than Mac, the once annoying boy next door, who still lives there in the home his parents gifted him.

Being in such close proximity—working together every day, to repair the Coles’ family home—Bennett and Mac’s contentious relationship goes from bad to worse as their personalities continue to clash. But their heated exchanges may not be as antagonistic as they seem. And when new information is revealed, can the men begin to see each other in a different light?

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An Excerpt from A Different Light

Bennett pulled away from the door, taking a step toward Mac. Before he could think about what Bennett’s next action would be, his lips were on Mac’s, his hands were grasping his face, holding it in place. Mac was shocked still for a moment, a moment of wow and doubt and want, and then he was doing his own grabbing and tasting.

How could something feel so good? It was like all the years of wanting had rushed back and made everything sharper, better, more powerful. At the same time Bennett angled his face for a better kiss—one where Mac could finally taste his tongue—Mac had stepped forward, forcing Bennett back until he was once again against the door. Bennett held on, never for a second stopping the torture his kiss was handing out.

Although Mac was the one in front of Bennett, his hand against the door by Bennett’s side, he wasn’t the one caged. Mac was. Bennett pushed, pulled, and moved Mac where he wanted him, and Mac was all too happy to oblige.

He never wanted it to end.

His free hand slid from Bennett’s neck, gliding over every inch he could reach. The heated kiss built and just hands weren’t enough any longer. Mac wanted skin under his tongue. He wanted to lick and bite. He wanted to suck Bennett’s cock and swallow his come.

He started to push his hard cock against the hardness he felt under his. Bennett grabbed his ass pulling him in even tighter. The groan that left Mac was low and out of his control. The grinding of their dicks never slowed. Everything felt frantic and desperate. The chant of now, now, now was running through his mind.  

He pulled his head back just enough to break the kiss, taking his first real breath in minutes. Bennett tried to follow his lips, to recapture them again, but Mac pulled back just enough to keep his lips out of reach. Bennett finally opened his eyes, the cloudy haze of lust was all that Mac could see. He needed to be sure that Bennett wouldn’t regret this, regret touching Mac that way.

“B?” Was all he managed to force out his breath still uneven and ragged. At the sound of the nickname, Bennett groaned but a small smile formed on his beautiful lips. It made Mac want to taste them again, but he needed that answer first.

“Don’t stop. You taste so good.”

Mac leaned closer his lips brushing Bennett’s as he spoke, “Are you sure, B?” Mac licked at Bennett’s lips, feeling the slight shiver that went through him as he did, “You want my tongue back in your mouth?”

He traced his tongue over his jaw to his ear, whispering again, “Or, better yet, you want my tongue on your cock?” Licking and biting up his neck, he whispered in his ear, “Tracing the vein. Licking the leaking crown. Swallowing you down as far as I can.” Bennett’s moan and the grinding of his hard dick against Mac’s just fueled their fire.

Mac managed to wiggle his hand between them, Bennett was so turned on that he didn’t notice. Just as Mac whispered again, his own voice raspy with lust, he squeezed Bennett’s dick through his jeans, eliciting a moan. “You want your dick in my mouth, in my throat, B?”

He’d never seen someone so blissful and full of abandon when they were turned on. Even for him it was rare to ever get this lost and consumed in the heat surrounding them. Who knew science geeks could be so hot?

“Mac, quit teasing and do it.” Bennett growled.

It was the only thing Mac needed to hear. Dropping to his knees, he almost felt dizzy with how much he wanted this. The desire to do this wasn’t new. He loved giving head. The taste, the smell, the feel of the hardness filling his mouth. Wanting to do it to Bennett wasn’t new exactly, but it was those feelings, the ones he held so close as a teenager, flooding him. Filling every part of his thoughts and needs at that moment.

He rubbed his face against Bennett’s cock through his jeans, just feeling it this close to his mouth had him salivating. Man, he was gone for this guy. Not in a he’s my forever way, but in an I need him in my mouth now way.

Unfastening Bennett’s belt and unbuttoning his jeans was quick, even if his hands trembled. Mac reached up to the band of Bennett’s boxer briefs when he noticed what was on them. They were black and sexy but across the front in bold red letters it said, “Nerd is the New Sexy.”

Mac wasn’t sure if he should laugh, or say something. It wasn’t at all what he thought Bennett would wear, but obviously, Mac was learning there were things he didn’t know about Bennett.  

Mac looked up at him, his eyes were closed, head leaning back against the door, and teased, “Hey B, sexy underwear.”

Bennett snorted. Opening his eyes and looking down at him with a smirk before replying, “You have my dick centimeters from your mouth and you want to talk about my underwear?”

“Good point. Later, though.”


About Morningstar Ashley

Morningstar Ashley is a transplant from the Yankee-controlled territory of New York, and now finds herself in the heartland of cowboys and longhorns—Texas. Armed with her imagination, wit, and trusty sidekicks in the form of her two crazy kids, devoted dorky husband, big lap dog, and rambunctious cats, Morningstar spends her time reading the books she loves, crafting her own characters, and arguing the merits of hot chocolate over the bitter brew known as coffee (Hot chocolate wins, FYI.).

Morningstar loves graphic design, so much so she returned to school for a degree and regularly tromps her exams and maintains a stellar GPA that occasionally leaves her confounded and pleased. She can while away the hours on new designs, and perfection isn’t too much to hope for when it comes to her art.

Her ideal career would be full-time artist and author, and so far, she hasn’t come up against anything to stop her on her journey. A fierce and devoted friend, Morningstar tries her best to always be kind, always be learning, and always improving. Giving up isn’t an option, and her greatest talent may be in her ability to convince others not to give up, either. After a lifetime of trying to get people to realize her first name wasn’t Ashley, Morningstar decided the best way to settle the debate was to put her name on a book cover. An avid reader and fiction reviewer for the blog and site Diverse Reader, Morningstar harbored a dream to one day join the ranks of her heroes, and she sweeps into the contemporary gay romance genre with her debut novel, LETTING GO. With plans to conquer gay, lesbian and LGBTQA+ romance, Morningstar has her gaze set on the horizon, her determination her own guiding star.

Find out more about her on Facebook and Twitter.



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