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Honorary Blogger Morningstar Ashley: The Begin Again Series – What to Expect! And Other Future Projects + Excerpt & Giveaway!


The Begin Again Series – What to Expect! And Other Future Projects

by Morningstar Ashley

When this series started it was just going to be a standalone of Mac and Bennett, but Jaden snuck in loud and clear and said “I want a damn happily ever after!” so, of course, he gets his wish. And the poor guy he’s going after doesn’t stand a chance. I wonder if people have figured out who it is? 😉

Then, there’s Allie, who in the course of writing A Different Light, I fell in-love with! I mean she is the kind of person I’d love to be, with her tattoos, throwing gender norms out the window, and complete sass! She has fought so hard in her life to be true to herself in a town that would love for her to go quietly back to where she was hiding. She will get her story after Jaden, and it will most likely be a novella at some point next year. AND, it’ll be a F/F story but one that for those that do not enjoy those, they can skip it without worrying about missing any important developments.

Then just this past week, two things happened LOL. First, Mac and Bennett decided they weren’t quite done. There’s just one more story they want told and it’ll most likely be a Christmas story, mainly because of scheduling. And it’’ be sappy and cute with all kinds of lovey stuff if Mac has any say. The second thing that happened is a secondary character decided he too wanted his HEA. If you’ve read the book and you remember Jesse, the senior boy that was about to graduate high school, you will see him in the future, although I’m not quite sure when.

So, what is this series about? This is about beginning again, starting over to find your happy. Sometimes that means working through a problem from the past, or working toward something for your future. Like Bennett had to work passed his judgements and his fear. Mac had to work passed the hurt caused by his parents and the guilt he carried for the last ten years. All the characters who live, or work, or move to White Acre will find their home, find their love, and most of all find themselves.

Lastly, regarding the Love By Design series, Peter’s book will be coming, I promise! He’s being a bit broody and quiet letting Bennett and Jaden step up and get theirs first. I think he just wants to put off finding his guy because he’s a chicken, but hey, that’s just my opinion. My goal for him is mid-year as long as he cooperates! After Peter, brings us Ben! It’ll be a busy year! Continue reading

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