Audio Review: September by Robert Winter

Reviewed by Morgan

Title: September
Author: Robert Winter
Narrator: Kale Williams
Heroes: David James/Brandon Smith
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 10 Hours, 1 Minute
Publisher: Robert Winter Books
Release Date: February 7, 2018
Available at: Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: David James is smart, successful, handsome… and alone. After the death of his lover, Kyle, from cancer, he buried himself in his law practice and the gym. At forty-eight, he is haunted by his memories and walled off from the world. When David injures himself working out, he’s assigned to Brandon Smith for physical therapy. The vibrant young therapist is attracted to David and realizes he needs a hand to get back into dating. What begins as a practice coffee date escalates to friendship, passion, and maybe something more, as they navigate a new relationship in Washington, DC, and the gay mecca of Provincetown.

But David remains trapped behind the barrier of fear and guilt. Will he remain loyal to Kyle’s memory if he moves on? Can he and Brandon manage a twenty-two-year age gap? Brandon thinks he understands David’s concerns, and for him, the answer to those questions is yes. He wants to be with David, and he believes he can overcome David’s barriers. But Brandon fails to account for the world’s reaction to a handsome young man attached to an older, wealthy lover.

David’s memories, Brandon’s pride, and an unexpected tragedy might cost them something very special…

Note: Another publisher released September previously with a different cover. The author has made only minor changes to this edition.


Review – Book: I’m not – in general – a fan of angst – but I am a total fan of this book! It is sooooo touching and emotional and really gripping. Our guys go through some serious hard times, and the author didn’t need to dress those times up to make them difficult, just living through it was hard enough.

What I loved was the support they provided for one another and how – despite the difficulties – they managed to ride out the bad weather.

I was kinda shocked at the path they end up taking – but in the end – I guess it really needed to be something like that because… well…. Reasons. (no spoilers!)

The writing is amazing. The characters are real and make mistakes – SO MANY! – but only because they are so real.

The secondary characters (including Kyle) are also really well drawn and so intricately that I imagine we’ll see them in a future book (i.e. Colin).

This isn’t a book you take lightly – it’s gonna keep you with a Kleenex in your hand – but it’s reward is worth it.

My only issue – I wanted more groveling by David at the end. But that was minor.

Highly Recommended!

Impression – Book: I loved it!

Review – Audio: Kale Williams does a nice job narrating this. He puts some emotions into his readings but I didn’t feel he was “acting”. He didn’t necessarily give us a lot of voices or accents but everyone was easy to distinguish.

He’s very easy to listen to and doesn’t detract from the emotions in the story.

This is a fair way to experience this story.

Impression – Audio: I liked it!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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