Dual Audio Review: Infamous by Jenny Holiday

Reviewed by Morgan & Susan65

Title: Infamous
Author: Jenny Holiday
Narrator: Michael Fell
Series: Famous #2
Heroes: Jesse & Hunter
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 8 hours and 35 minutes
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: April 9, 2018
Available at: Amazon & Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: All that up-and-coming musician Jesse Jamison has ever wanted is to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. When a gossip website nearly catches him kissing someone who isn’t his famous girlfriend – and also isn’t a girl – he considers the near miss a wake-up call. There’s a lot riding on his image as the super-straight rocker, and if he wants to realize his dreams, he’ll need to toe the line. Luckily, he’s into women too. Problem solved.

After a decade pretending to be his ex’s roommate, pediatrician Hunter Wyatt is done hiding. He might not know how to date in the Grindr world, how to make friends in a strange city, or whether his new job in Toronto is a mistake. But he does know that no one is worth the closet. Not even the world’s sexiest rock star.

As Jesse’s charity work at Hunter’s hospital brings the two closer together, a bromance develops. Soon, Hunter is all Jesse can think about. But when it comes down to a choice between Hunter and his career, he’s not sure he’s brave enough to follow his heart.  


Morgan’s Book Review:


Wow.  I was not expecting this story to be this good!  In my defense, this is a book 2 in a series and book 1 is M/F — in the past these scenarios have not gone so well.  Writers sometimes throw in two men and substitute the right parts during the sex scenes and basically re-write het romance as gay… but it’s not.  And Jenny Holiday did NOT do that. She took two best friends and had them fall in love.

Beyond what you get from the blurb – closeted gay rocker and repressed medical doctor falling in love – which is true – really what this story is about is two very different people, who happened to become best friends, fall in love and deal with the aftermath.

The romance is slow burn and the chemistry is HOT when it finally happens.

The secondary characters are well-developed and the personal growth is a lovely addition to the romance.  I LOVED the HEA and the epilogue was SO SWEET!

Overall I was very impressed by this author and if she has more in this genre I’d definitely read it.

5 of 5 stars

Morgan’s Audio Review:

Michael Fell is a known to me narrator who had previously won me over with his ability to portray emotion, to handle comedic timing and to give each character a unique voice and personality.  He did a terrific job with this and made this entire experience only that much better.

Highly, highly recommended!

5 of 5 stars

Overall Impression: It was amazing!


Susan65’s Review:

I loved this audiobook. The story is fantastic and the performance by Michael Fell is incredibly realist and heartfelt. Jesse is a closeted (not by choice) rock star and Hunter is an out and proud pediatrician who will never be anyone’s dirty secret ever again. These two characters have hearts of gold but life, and horrible band managers, conspire against them to make their lives much more difficult than it needs to be.

Jesse was caught and photographed with a man, in flagrante, and his band paid the ultimate price. His new manager set some ground rules and one of those is that he is no longer allowed to be gay. Period. Hunter played the dirty secret for someone once before and that kicked him in the ass, hard. But that shouldn’t be an issue because Jesse is straight, or so he says.

What I really liked about this audio is that the relationship between  Hunter and Jesse started, and slowly progresses, as friends, first. The attraction was there, but they were well and truly fast becoming best friends before lovers was even an option. I would surmise this story as a friends to lovers, with a heavy emphasis on the friends aspect. The attraction is obviously there but these two really like each other as friends and wanted to preserve that above all else. Honestly, what made this story was the friendship…the love and sexy time was just the icing on the cake. So, I think I said the word “friends” more than enough to get that point across.

In short, this is a very romantic story, one that is super sweet in many ways, and uber sexy in others. A well-rounded story performed to perfection by a narrator that I will be looking into for future audios. Highly recommended.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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