Drive Shaft by Geoffrey Knight: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Drive Shaft

by Geoffrey Knight

The heat hit well before dawn. It turned the city into a shimmer of mirages the second the sun broke over the horizon.

Inside the Auto Shop, Hutch approached the old cot that Jensen had made his bed, already dressed in his low-hanging coveralls, a coffee mug in hand.

The young Texan was sound asleep on the sagging, springless fold-out bed, naked and snoring, a sheet twisted loosely about his lap, barely covering the erection beneath it. In the depth of slumber he smiled, chuckled once or twice, then his arms and legs twitched and quivered like a puppy dreaming of chasing rabbits across a field of flowers.

The chase ended with a satisfied grin from Hutch—

—and his foot hooking itself under the cot and capsizing it.

Jensen tumbled naked across the floor, startled awake.

Hutch laughed.

“Wake up, snorin’ beauty. Here, this’ll get you started.”

Jensen quickly moved to cover himself with the tangled sheet, then realized there wasn’t anything to hide that Hutch hadn’t already seen. Instead he took the coffee that Hutch offered. “Thanks.”

It was creamy but strong. And hot. Jensen winced at the first sip.

“Careful there. You don’t wanna burn those lips.”

Those lips curled into a smile. “I’ll try not to.”

Hutch turned and walked away then called back over his shoulder, “Why don’t you go wash up before Clyde gets here. Got a lotta work to do today. And one helluva showdown tonight. Winner takes all!”

Yes, Jensen thought to himself as he made his way out back. Tonight was the decider. But exactly what would it decide? The more he got to know Hutch, the more complicated he seemed to be. What exactly were the two of them putting on the line, night after night? And what exactly was the prize?

Out back in the closed yard of the auto shop he stood naked in the morning sun and turned on the hose.

Water splashed and sparkled over his body.

He drenched his face, his chest and legs.

When he wiped the mop of hair out of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Hutch leaning against the back door of the garage a short distance away.


For a moment Hutch didn’t move. Then he pushed himself away from the door to head back inside. As he did so he grunted audibly. Last night’s contortionist act was starting to take its toll.

Jensen let out a sly laugh. “Careful there. You don’t wanna strain that back.”

He heard Hutch mutter, “Shut up,” before his sore legs carried him inside.


About Drive Shaft

Jensen Rivers wasn’t looking for trouble. As the new kid on the block at Clyde’s Body Shop, all Jensen wanted was a job, a place where he could put his head down and ass up.

But Dean ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson plans on getting more than just Jensen’s hands dirty. Reckless and arrogant, drenched in sweat and dripping with a masculinity that cannot be tamed, Hutch is determined to claim victory over his new work colleague – both physically and sexually.

Will Jensen risk everything to find the love trapped behind Hutch’s fearless façade? Will Hutch bury the secret tragedy of his past before he throws away his last chance at a future? Will the dangers that confront them both be enough to tear them apart… or bring them together forever?

** This novel combines two sequential novellas previously published separately, titled Drive Shaft and Drive Shaft: Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Available at: Amazon


About Geoffrey Knight

Geoffrey Knight is the author of more than 30 gay fiction novels, novellas and short stories, ranging in genre from gay adventure, gay romance, gay suspense and gay comedies. He is the recipient of two Rainbow Awards including Best Mystery Winner and Best Overall Gay Fiction Runner-up. His work has been featured in several anthologies including Best Gay Erotica 2013, and he appeared as Guest of Honor at the inaugural Rainbow Con in Florida, 2014.

Geoffrey has worked in advertising, politics and journalism, but nothing is as fun as telling stories. He lives with his partner, their baby daughter, two dogs and two cats in a rambling old house in North Queensland, Australia, where the paint is fraying and life is good.

Amazon Author Page | Twitter | Facebook


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  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Thank you for the giveaway chance!

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