Book Review: To Love and Protect His Omega by Quinn Michaels

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: To Love and Protect His Omega
Author: Quinn Michaels
Series: Justice Brothers Omegaverse #1
Heroes: Gunnar & Liam
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: 67k words
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 29, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Gunnar swore to serve and protect, but he couldn’t save the omega he loved. Will a sick kitten give him a second chance at love?

Police Detective and single dad, Gunnar Justice swore an oath to serve and protect, but he couldn’t save the omega closest to him. Now he’s raising his 8-year-old daughter alone. But when his daughter adopts a sick kitten, will a hot veterinarian with his own secrets offer a second chance at love?

Pursued by a relentless stalker, omega veterinarian, Liam Chandler, packs up his entire life and moves across the country to start over. He has lost faith in romance and instead devotes his time to saving his animal patients. But when a handsome alpha detective and his daughter come into Liam’s exam room with a kitten who needs a miracle, will Liam give romance a second chance?

Can these two men overcome their pasts to make a family together? Even as a final threat from Liam’s past threatens not only their relationship but their lives.

To Love and Protect His Omega is a single dad Omegaverse romance with mystery, action and all of the feels.



This was a super cute story about a damaged omega and a grieving alpha. I really enjoyed getting to know Liam and seeing his story unfold. I also liked seeing Gunnar handle being a single father while also still mourning his previous omega. I mean, Gunnar could have stopped mentioning his previous omega so much but I get that he felt almost like he was cheating on him and that was hard for him. At the same time, I liked the connection between Liam and Gunnar and how, even though they both had their own reservations, they couldn’t help but want to be close and get to know each other better. And that was super sweet to me. I felt like Gunnar should have also allowed Liam to be around his daughter more because that would have shown more of his desire to bring Liam into his life but it was easy for me to see how much Liam and Gunnar came to love each other. I also liked that omegas could get pregnant but my biggest issue with mpreg stories is that authors don’t tend to show the birthing of the baby… which makes me curious how these guys are giving birth?? It can’t always be C-sections so I would have liked to see that in this one but hopefully we learn more about that in later books.

However, while I enjoyed this one and it had a lot of potential, I still had a few issues with it. For one, the cover is deceiving because it shows a baby but Gunnar’s kid is eight years old. Also, Liam had a bad habit of giving answers that didn’t line up with the questions asked. Such as if someone would say “I heard so and so came by” he’d answer something like “Yeah but I’m doing okay” which didn’t make sense because no one would ask how he was doing or anything like that. It almost felt like the author had originally written another question but didn’t edit Liam’s responses. Which leads me to the editing, it was really bad. I kept getting stumped on what was being said or who was speaking and there were a lot of inconsistencies from what is mentioned in the beginning and then what is mentioned again later in the book doesn’t match up.

And my biggest issue was how much sex there was (wayyyy too much, IMO) and the ending with Liam and his ex. Because of the editing, I don’t think the author realized that Liam kept saying Gunnar was coming to him… yet the last time Liam talked to Gunnar they had agreed to see each other when Liam came back from a conference not that Gunnar was coming to him. It really aggravated me because either this editing slip wasn’t caught or something was done off screen and not mentioned which just made things confusing. A simple ‘Liam called Gunnar back and asked him to come to the conference right now’ would have fixed that little slip but nothing like that is mentioned. Add to that, Gunnar’s mystery was tied up too neatly and too easily for me and let me with more questions than answers.

All in all, I enjoyed this book and I liked the relationship between Liam and Gunnar. I thought their getting to know each other was super adorable. I wished there had been better editing because I felt like the story could have been cleaned up quite a bit but I’m satisfied with where the story ended and liked the journey of how we got there. Looking forward to the next story in this series!

Overall Impression: It was okay

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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