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To Love & Protect His Omega by Quinn Michaels: Exclusive Excerpt!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from To Love & Protect His Omega

by Quinn Michaels

Gunnar fiddled with his wedding ring as he took a step towards the table. That simple motion wiped any thoughts of scents or biology class from Liam’s mind. The way he was acting, he was proving the omega detractors, the ones who said omegas couldn’t be trusted with important work because their hormones would get the better of them, right.

Puff lifted his head, and his meow was stronger this time. He even moved his paws, scraping a pad lightly over the towel.

Liam smiled. He glanced up at the fluid bag. A bubble had begun to form under the skin of Puffs flank from the fluid. Another 10 mL would be enough for now.

“He looks better, doesn’t he?” Gunnar asked. “What’s wrong with him? What did you do?”

Liam pinched the line and pulled the needle out as he explained about the low blood sugar and everything he had done so far. “A normal kitten will usually eat one to two full 5 1/2 ounce cans of cat food over the course of the day. Or an equivalent amount of dry. It’s usually best to do a little of both.”

“That much?” Gunnar fiddled with his wedding ring again. “I didn’t know.”  He took another step so that he was catty-corner to Liam. Puff squirmed a little on the towel and sneezed. Gunnar reached out and then stopped. “Can I touch him?”

Having an alpha so close should have scared Liam, but Gunnar was so gentle with Puff that Liam felt calm too. Damon had pretended to like Liam’s pets, but he had rarely tried to touch them. And the feeling had been mutual. Ferrous, who liked most everyone, had given Damon a disdainful hiss and stalked off, tail twitching. Liam should’ve known then.

“You can pet him. Of course. He’s going to get a bit more active in a few minutes, but we have to get some real food into him. Dextrose is a simple sugar, and easy to absorb, but once he is strong enough to swallow, we’re going to have to hand feed him. I’d like to keep Puff for the day, just to get him off on the right foot, if that’s okay.”

“Yes, please.” Gunnar petted the kitten gently. “Do you think he’s going to…? I know you can’t say for sure, but he’s looking better, isn’t he?”

“I can’t say for sure, but it’s clear this little guy is a fighter. And I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure Puff stays with us. My cat, Ferrous, was in a similar place when I took him home, and now he’s so chubby, it’s embarrassing when I tell people I’m a vet.”

Gunnar laughed, and for a moment the grimness lifted from his expression and Liam’s breath caught in his throat. Gunnar’s omega was a very lucky man. 

Maybe. You never really knew.

“Can my daughter see him?” Gunnar asked. 

“Absolutely. I’ll have Carolyn mix up some – –.” A bowl of diluted prescription cat food and a syringe were already sitting on the table. “Thanks, Carolyn,” Liam said.

Carolyn was already setting up a cage for Puff to spend the day and be monitored. She was going to be an excellent veterinarian. She was detail oriented, intelligent, and kind. Liam really loved working here. Back home, he had worked in an emergency clinic, and while he loved knowing that his split-second decisions could and would immediately save lives, he never really got a chance to know the clients or patients beyond the duration of their emergency. Here, he could build longer-term relationships. As lonely as he was being so far from everything he had known before, he liked this. And more importantly, he was safe.

“I’ll be right back,” Gunnar said.

Liam breathed a soft sigh through his nose after the alpha had left. The attraction was biology. Even if Liam had wanted to act on it, which he didn’t, the man was married, and he had a kid. Continue reading

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Book Review: To Love and Protect His Omega by Quinn Michaels

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: To Love and Protect His Omega
Author: Quinn Michaels
Series: Justice Brothers Omegaverse #1
Heroes: Gunnar & Liam
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: 67k words
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 29, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Gunnar swore to serve and protect, but he couldn’t save the omega he loved. Will a sick kitten give him a second chance at love?

Police Detective and single dad, Gunnar Justice swore an oath to serve and protect, but he couldn’t save the omega closest to him. Now he’s raising his 8-year-old daughter alone. But when his daughter adopts a sick kitten, will a hot veterinarian with his own secrets offer a second chance at love?

Pursued by a relentless stalker, omega veterinarian, Liam Chandler, packs up his entire life and moves across the country to start over. He has lost faith in romance and instead devotes his time to saving his animal patients. But when a handsome alpha detective and his daughter come into Liam’s exam room with a kitten who needs a miracle, will Liam give romance a second chance?

Can these two men overcome their pasts to make a family together? Even as a final threat from Liam’s past threatens not only their relationship but their lives.

To Love and Protect His Omega is a single dad Omegaverse romance with mystery, action and all of the feels. Continue reading

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Book Blast! Omega Sacrifice by Quinn Michaels: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Omega Sacrifice

by Quinn Michaels 

Zeke didn’t even have time to flinch before the alpha grabbed his wrist. The heat of his touch, the scent of him, held Zeke somewhere between lust and fear. “Don’t hurt me,” Zeke said, stupidly. “My pack will know if something happens to me.”

Right, if you found a way to tell them. If not, you’d just be another idiot omega lost in the woods. Why not just hand the handsome alpha a knife and beg him to slit your throat, why don’t you?

“I won’t. I’d never hurt you.”

Devon sounded sincere. He pulled Zeke closer. Zeke looked up and felt the heat of Devon’s breath on his forehead. Devon ran the pad of his thumb on Zeke’s cheek, below his eye. “Why were you crying?”

Silas and his rejection seemed a faraway problem, considering the alpha in front of him. Zeke shrugged. “It’s not important.”

“You’re beautiful.”

Zeke laughed. Even at his best, he could be described as cute. Beautiful was for the thin and graceful omegas with long limbs and flat, glistening abdomens above narrow hips and shapely legs. Beautiful was for the omegas that could run without wheezing. The ones who didn’t need to make an ass out of themselves to get noticed. “What are you really doing here?”

“Just running.”

“I need to take you to see Don. And meet the pack.” And Zeke wanted to do that too. He wanted to show off this handsome alpha who had called him beautiful. Even if the compliment was meant to be a distraction from why he was really sneaking around the Pine Creek Lake settlement.

“I can’t,” Devon said. “Not now.”

Zeke breathed deeply and opened his mouth to scream as loudly as he could. Before he could make a sound, the alpha’s lips were on his, and they were kissing. Hard and demanding, the heat of Devon’s mouth sent tingles through Zeke’s body. He pulled the alpha closer, grabbing him by the hips until he felt Devon’s hard cock through the sodden fabric of the sweatpants against Zeke’s pelvis.

Hard for him.

The scream was forgotten. Everything was forgotten except for the velvet planes of Devon’s body, the sweet dominance of his kiss, and his hands, letting go of Zeke’s wrists to wrap Zeke in a tight embrace.

Zeke was panting when Devon broke the kiss. But unlike usual, the faint dizziness from lack of air was another reminder of the pleasure and desire Zeke felt.

Devon hugged him tightly, pressing Zeke’s cheek to his neck.

Was this what it meant to find your true mate? If so, Zeke never wanted it to end. But maybe that’s what Gale had felt too with his first alpha. Just because hormones threw Devon and Zeke together didn’t mean that he would have a good life with Devon. It could all be a trick. It probably was a trick. What would a handsome, perfectly formed alpha want with Zeke?

Zeke couldn’t deny the evidence of the other man’s arousal, but that didn’t prove anything.

“Why are you here?” Zeke asked again. From the darkness behind him, another voice, sardonic and a touch cruel, asked, “Yes, cousin, why don’t you tell the sweet, plump omega what we are doing here? Or would you rather I just ripped out his throat?” Continue reading

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Omega Shadow by Quinn Michaels: Exclusive Excerpt

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Omega Shadow

by Quinn Michaels

One clean punch and the alpha dropped.


Shadow’s knuckles stung. He hated bullies. At least this one was staying down. Shadow had thought he would have to hit the other alpha again.

Whatever was going on with this alpha, he had lost control of his wolf. Shadow felt like he’d punched the other alpha back into human form as the man’s jaw receded and the fur on his hands and forearms sunk back into his skin. Maybe he had been sick. Maybe he was strung out. The latter seemed more likely. Though the Black Creek pack was much larger than Shadow’s own Pine Creek Lake den, they lacked discipline. Outside of fighting, the alphas just stomped around and did whatever they wanted, while the omegas and betas kept to their own.

It was weird to spend almost a month around so many wolves and yet feel like he barely knew any of them.

Shadow wanted to go home. He wasn’t doing much good here.

Shadow kneeled down beside the fallen alpha. The man looked pale. Had he stopped breathing? Shadow hadn’t hit him that hard. He put two fingers under the man’s nose to feel for breath. Nothing.


Shadow felt for a pulse. He wasn’t a doctor. Moving his fingers up and down the side of the neck, he began to panic.

“Are you okay?” The guy he had rescued asked hesitantly.

No, Shadow was not okay. Had he just killed an alpha member of the pack he was visiting? Not good. It wasn’t like Shadow could run off and get Mark or one of the other Pine Creek Lake alphas and have them handle this. There was a witness. And besides, it would be cowardly. Shadow hadn’t done anything wrong.

Shadow looked up into the eyes of the man he had just rescued, and it was like his world stopped.

Lust, hot and furious coursed through him. Kneeling over a guy you’d maybe killed was not the time for a boner, but Shadow’s cock didn’t seem to care. Shadow wanted to take Kyle back to the room in the small cabin he shared with the other Pine Creek Lake alphas. He wanted to touch, suck, and lick Kyle until he came, and then plunge his cock into the man’s welcoming heat.

Shadow averted his gaze. Thankfully, the darkness and his skin tone made it difficult to see how his face flushed with embarrassment.

Was this wolf an omega?

He didn’t smell like one. He didn’t smell like anything more than sweat, fear and confusion, which meant he had to be a beta. Shadow had been attracted to other wolves before, omegas and the occasional beta, but it had been a shallow thing. Physical. Nothing like this growing, pulsing need. If Shadow had been able to scent any hint of omega on the other wolf, he’d have sworn this was his true mate.

He couldn’t deal with that now. This alpha, even if he was a bully, needed help.

“Do you know CPR?”


Shadow couldn’t look up again. Not if he had to meet the other man’s eyes. “I don’t think he’s breathing.”

Shadow kept his gaze on alpha’s body as the other wolf extended to slim fingers and with much more confidence than Shadow had felt, first checked to see if the alpha was breathing and then for a pulse.

It was at that point all hell broke loose. Of course the shit for brains alpha had a sobbing mate pregnant about to pop. And of course the mate’s panic had woken up everyone else for five or six cabins around, who all came staggering out to find out what it happened. And of course they now stared down at him, the outsider who had played some role in this alpha’s death.

“Kyle, what happened? Is Chaz…will he make it?”

“Your friend needs to count out the chest compressions.” Shadow was no CPR expert, but he did know that much. At least also now he knew the name of the disastrously attractive beta he rescued.


It seemed too simple a name for someone who had complicated Shadow’s life so much in such a short time.

Thankfully, until the doctor came, Kyle’s mouth was occupied with trying to breathe life back into his attacker.

As the very pregnant omega sobbed beside his mate, Shadow regretted mixing himself into what was rapidly becoming a mess. As a cub, his dark fur, quiet nature, and stealthy pranks had earned him the nickname Shadow. Instead of taking the lead, Shadow preferred to watch and then share what he had learned with one of the older and more outgoing alphas. It was one of the reasons Mark had wanted Shadow along for this “cultural exchange” program. Shadow wasn’t physically intimidating, he knew how to keep his mouth shut, and he kept himself out of trouble. Until tonight.

The pregnant omega had somewhat pulled herself together when the doctor arrived, carrying what looked like a large medical bag and an AED machine. “Kyle, what happened?”

The doctor was a stocky beta with messy curls pulled back in a frizzy bun. She wore a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and boots. The circle of neighbors around them parted, making room the for Dr. Havisham and two others who followed carrying a bright yellow, plastic gurney.

Kyle gave Chaz two more breaths and then while pumping steadily at the alpha’s chest, said, “He’s been out for approximately four minutes. I started CPR as soon as I saw he wasn’t breathing. I think he ODed or something.”

“Werewolves don’t OD.”

Kyle shrugged. “He looked messed up. Like he was on something. Shaky. Pupils dilated, and now he’s got some bruises under his skin. See?”

“Chaz said he’d stopped drinking,” the pregnant omega said.

“I know. He didn’t smell like alcohol,” Kyle responded. “It’s something though. He lost control of his wolf.”

Once Kyle had straddled the alpha to start CPR, Shadow had avoided looking at Kyle or the body. This bizarre attraction to the beta was disconcerting, and Shadow didn’t want to think of body on the ground as a man. One he had likely, if accidentally, killed. It made the death more real. Because of this aversion, he hadn’t seen the yellowish bruises that were blossoming on the man’s cheeks, neck and exposed chest.

“Those weren’t there before,” Shadow said.

“Who are you?”

Kyle cut in. “He saved me. Chaz was losing it. I was scared he was going to kill me.” He ended the set of compressions and dropped down to give two more breaths.

Shadow couldn’t help but be impressed. This Alpha, Chaz, had done his best to beat the hell out of Kyle. Possibly kill him. And now Kyle was giving his all to save Chaz’s life. And Shadow couldn’t even look at Kyle without thinking about how much he wanted to get into the betas pants. There was definitely something wrong.

“Just keep up the compressions. We’ll start with the AED. If it will help. Then we’ve got to get him to the hospital cabin.” The doctor leaned over the body, lifted his eyelids and shined a flashlight at his bare pupils. “Nonresponsive. Has some hemorrhaging.” She looked up at Shadow. “Can you hold him down? Sometimes the shock will induce a shift, and they’ll lash out. Just grab him by the shoulders.”

Shadow didn’t want to put himself in a position of sitting directly in front of the beta who had stirred his desire so intensely, but he wouldn’t take the coward’s way out. Not when Kyle was working so tirelessly to save the life of the guy who had attacked him.

Once the pads were placed, a warning bell sounded and everyone took their hands off of the Alpha.

“Grab him right after the shock,” Dr. Havisham ordered.

But then another bell sounded, and the machine powered down.

“It’s never easy,” the doctor said with a sigh. “I’m giving him some epinephrine and will have to keep the compressions going until we get him back to the hospital.”

“Is he going to be okay?” The pregnant omega asked.

“We’re doing everything we can,” the doctor said. “Now Sam, Desmond, get the gurney down next to him. And when you need some folks to lift him. Kyle, you keep the compressions going until we have to transfer him, and then I’m going to need you to start back up again while we move him to the hospital cabin. Okay?”

Everyone agreed. And though they moved quickly, Shadow knew that Chaz was running out of time. He had probably already run out of time.

Though Kyle was on the small side for a beta, Chaz was large and difficult to move, especially when Kyle got back on top of him and continued with the CPR. The two betas lifting the gurney back up grunted, arms shaking as they tried to manage the unwieldy load. Shadow ran alongside and grabbed an end.

“What are you doing? Get off of him!” One of the others, a thin, middle-aged woman with reddish hair threaded in white.

Shadow ignored her. Were any of the other spectators helping?

“A little help,” the doctor shouted, sounding as annoyed as Shadow felt.

Finally, a few of the other younger looking wolves peeled off and grabbed the plastic gurney at the edges. He and the others carried Chaz into a clean, white walled room that smelled of antiseptic.

“Get him up on the table,” the doctor said. “And then I’m going to need the rest of you to step outside. Except Kyle. Kyle, stay here.”

Shadow, feeling suddenly superfluous, did as he was told. Within minutes, he was standing outside the front of the cabin. One of the other Blackcreek wolves who had helped carry the gurney stepped ahead of Shadow and waved to another of his pack-mates.

Shadow took that moment of distraction to step aside, and avoiding the glow cast from the twin lights at the front of the cabin, he stuck to his namesake and quietly avoided the group. He had made it halfway back to the guest cabin where he and the other Pine Creek Lake wolves were staying when someone whispered harshly from behind him, “Shadow?”

It was Lena. She was a chubby, dark-haired omega and the sister of Shadow’s heart. She also had a way of showing up just in time to watch Shadow take the heat for his worst scrapes.

“What happened?” She asked. “People are saying you and one of their alphas got into a fight and you killed him.”

“I didn’t kill anyone. I hit him once. He fell over and stopped breathing. I didn’t even hit him that hard.”

“I’m taking you to Mark.”

Shadow wasn’t going to argue with that. He wanted to talk to Mark. Mark always knew what to do. Maybe he would have some insight into why this Blackcreek beta had affected Shadow so strongly. Shadow’s face heated, and he shook his head. Mark didn’t need to know about that. Shadow had already gotten himself into enough trouble.

As his thoughts shifted to Kyle, a sudden sense of both sadness and guilt washed through him and he knew Chaz was gone. Dead.

I must be imagining things, Shadow told himself. He didn’t feel guilty about Chaz’s death. And he certainly wasn’t sad about it. The whole thing had been inconvenient and annoying.

Shadow shook his head again, trying to shake out these weird emotions that he knew weren’t his.

“Are you okay?” Lena asked.

“I’m just…” Shadow sighed. “Have you ever heard of an alpha and a beta being true mates?”

Lena laughed. “You’re ears high in trouble, and you’re asking about true mates? Wait! You think you found your true mate? Here?”

“No. No!”

“Who is it? Boy or girl?”


“You’re blushing.”

“I’m not.”

“You’re embarrassed; I can smell it on you. Who is it? You think it’s a beta?”

Continue reading

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