The Selkie Prince’s Fated Mate by J.J. Masters: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from The Selkie Prince’s Fated Mate

by J.J. Masters

Kai cupped Luca’s cheeks for a moment then forced himself to move away once again, berating himself for being so weak.

He never hated being a prince more than at that moment. If they had been Selkies of the common kind, just any alpha and omega, they would have had the bonding ceremony immediately and mated already. No fuss, no muss.

He glanced at his watch and groaned silently. After Vin had escorted Luca back to Kai’s quarters, Douglass had rushed into the dining hall announcing that everything was set for the bonding ceremony which would begin promptly at eight.


It was only seven-thirty and Kai didn’t know how he would be able to resist his leaking omega for another thirty minutes. Maybe he should leave and go walk around the compound. Inhale some fresh sea air. Take a quick dip in the frigid November surf.

But he couldn’t leave. He couldn’t. Something pulled at him to remain by his omega’s side, to protect him, to make sure Luca was not left alone near any other alphas, including his brothers, until he was fully marked and claimed.

“Why can’t I…” Kai frowned. “Quit you?”

Luca made a noise that sounded like a laugh and cocked a brow in Kai’s direction. “Why can’t you quit me?”

His omega laughed at him, which made Kai’s frown deepen. He hadn’t meant for that question to slip out, but his mind had turned to mush.

“Is that a Brokeback Mountain reference?”

Kai sighed and rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “Maybe.”

Luca grinned. “Did that movie make you cry, too?”

“Mmm,” Kai murmured.

Luca’s laughter sounded like music to Kai’s ears. Curse the sea gods, he was truly becoming infatuated with the male.

“Wow. Who would have thought that my alpha bull would be such a softie?”

Kai pinned his gaze on Luca. “That doesn’t leave this room,” he growled.

“And if it does? Then what?”

“Then your ‘bull’ will see red and your ass will match it.” Bloody hell, he hadn’t meant for that to slip out either.

“Hmm. Tempting.” Luca grinned again. “So, it’s nice to hear even royalty watches movies like us common folk. Do you have a Redbox in some corner of this kingdom?”

“No. It’s called Netflix.”

Ah. Even better. Like to Netflix and chill, my bull?”

My bull. The male before him was certainly insolent. Kai raised his brows. “Do you?”

Luca lifted one shoulder lazily as he answered, “Never had a mate before.”

Of course not. But that didn’t mean he was a virgin. “But you’ve had lovers.” Kai didn’t make that a question on purpose. But he definitely wanted an answer.

“Have you?”


Kai tilted his head and studied his fated mate. “Mmm. Yes.”

“Other omegas?”

Kai did not need to answer any of Luca’s questions. He was the alpha here. He was a prince. But he did have to live with him for the rest of his life. Technically. So it wouldn’t hurt to “bond” with him more than sexually, especially before the ceremony. “No, never other omegas. I couldn’t risk sending an omega into heat.”

“Fearful of whelping a bastard pup? Or two?”

“No. Fearful of being stuck with someone who wasn’t the one.”

Luca’s eyebrows rose in question. “The one?”

Yes, the one who smells as sweet and alluring as you.“My mate.”

“Me,” Luca stated.

“Yes, you,” Kai confirmed.


About The Selkie Prince’s Fated Mate

A Selkie prince forced to produce an heir. An omega destined to become a royal’s fated mate…

Prince Kai’s life as he knows it is now over. As the firstborn alpha to the Selkie King of the North, he’s required to produce an heir. Whether he wants to or not. When the Selkie Seekers finally present his fated mate, he dreads being tied to this stranger for the rest of his life. He can only hope his omega will be easy on the eyes and somewhat intelligent.

Raised in a family of good breeding, Luca always knew it was possible he’d end up the mate for an alpha of nobility. Only to whom, he never knew. Every time the Seekers summoned him for the humiliating presentation ceremony to royalty of all levels, he feared being stuck with some unbearable, abusive or very unattractive alpha. As an omega he doesn’t have the choice to say no. Not only is it his obligation, it’s the law. If he refuses, he and his family would become outcasts and banished from the Selkie community.

However, as soon as Kai enters the Great Hall of the North, it’s clear that the handsome prince is his alpha. Luca’s pleased with the choice the fates made until the king demands that not only he become pregnant within six months but produce an alpha pup with his son, otherwise he’ll be cast aside. And getting pregnant mightbe a problem…

Note: A 56k word m/m shifter mpreg story, this is the first book in the Royal Alpha series. Due to the “knotty” times in this book, it is recommended for mature readers only. It can be read as a standalone and, of course, has an HEA.

Available at: Amazon


About Author

J.J. Masters is the alter-ego of a USA Today bestselling author who writes hot, gay romance filled with heart, humor and heat. J.J. became fascinated with mpreg romance as soon as she figured out what mpreg stood for. She loves to write about “knotty” men!

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