A Thread in Time by Jess Thomas: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from A Thread in Time

by Jess Thomas

To call Bunthar’s silver pool a portal was a drastic understatement. It was a portal that only Bunthar could work. It was the past and future and it could take you to the fourth as well as other dimensions. It could take you to the place between the land of the living and the dead. They were called shadow people on so many planets. It was a realm of lost souls looking for something more precious than gold and jewels. The five men looked down at the silver pool.

 “Well, jump in,” Bunthar commanded. “We have places to go and things to do.” Before anyone could take a breath, Vega jumped into the murky pool and disappeared into the silver liquid. He floated down to the bottom and waited for the rest of his party. 

I can breathe, he thought. Even though he knew he would be able to, he was still surprised. He looked at the liquid above him. There were so many caves that took you to different places, each with a different color of light emanating from it. He hoped Bunthar knew what he was doing. He looked up as the rest of his search party floated down beside him. 

“This way,” Bunthar instructed, pointing into a darkened cave, the only one with no light coming out of it. They walked through the entrance and into a gray world full of nothingness.


About A Thread in Time

Trend is finally back with his clan and the man he loves, and the clan has grown into something that even the Jewel couldn’t imagine. He has a family that loves, cares for, and protects him. They will do anything to keep him safe, even go to the fourth. When Zihen, Vega’s mate, is taken, some of the elders of the clan have no choice but to try to get him back. Vega is determined to get him back and is bent on revenge, even if it means his life. 

Meanwhile, Darius is being cared for by Gak the family friend and physician in his medical facility. Vien, Issaguard, and Chin-Me are dispatched to watch over him while the search for Zihen goes on. The rest of the family left on Eiravia have taken the precaution of staying in the great library for safety in case of trouble, and have to deal with the uncertainty of what their mates are facing in the fourth while coping with personal demons. 

Come be a part of these adventures and more in Darius’s journey in A Thread in Time!

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About Jess Thomas

Jess Thomas was born in the mid-west and she has a natural love for nature and animals. A gentle creature born to loving parents who believed in seeing the world for all its beauty, she learned the imperfections in life were something to be treasured and seen as a learning experience. An artist from an early age, she went to art school where she got a degree in drawing and painting, photography, and in Art Education. In 2009 she laid down her paintbrush and she picked up writing and channeling her creative energy in a fresh direction. A new writer, she pours sensitivity and her love of the world she has created into her emotions and the characters who live there.

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