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Bones of Belief by Jess Thomas: Exclusive Excerpt

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Exclusive Excerpt from Bones of Belief

by Jess Thomas 

“Feel it, Darius?” he whispered in my ear. “I want you. Oh, how I want you. I’m getting your leg wet.” I wasn’t sure at what point we both had our clothes off, I was bombarded with so many sensations that the first sign was the feeling of the breeze on my legs. The smells of the flowers seemed to be stronger in the corner of the room, the feel of his lips against my skin made me have goosebumps. My body arched and time seemed to slow down. It was only the two of us in the world. I babbled something when he sucked me. His lips slowly moved up and down my shaft, and I wiggled back in forth his hands that were still pinning me to the bed. He fucked me with his mouth as I looked at our ceiling. It was slow and one-sided and wonderful. I wouldn’t always want it that way because I’m very tactile and love touch, but damn this was nice.  

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Memory of Me by Jess Thomas: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Memory of Me

by Jess Thomas

Blood in the Breeze

On a blue planet with three rings, a father and son were having an argument. It would have been a normal thing to see except that the planet was light years away and they were aliens that had shielded themselves from the rest of the universe to the point that their race had become a myth. Their long silver dusters hit the floor, and their silver hair hung near their waists. Their pale features and blue eyes studied each other.

“Father, this is wrong, so wrong,” the Nubulan’s son said. “We can’t walk away from this,” he called out when Atrila walked away from him. “We are playing with magic that we don’t have the ability to deal with. Do you trust Hippson? He’s trying to get the magic to adhere to him so he can completely become the Jewel, but what if he is more? Bunthar and Trend are right.”

“You can’t change your vote now, Nala,” Atrila grumbled. Atrila walked into a room with various planets projected on it while space created a beautiful painting between each orb.

“Oh, father, look what we’ve done,” he moaned, looking where dead space was projected in their dome. Continue reading

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