Memory of Me by Jess Thomas: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Memory of Me

by Jess Thomas

Blood in the Breeze

On a blue planet with three rings, a father and son were having an argument. It would have been a normal thing to see except that the planet was light years away and they were aliens that had shielded themselves from the rest of the universe to the point that their race had become a myth. Their long silver dusters hit the floor, and their silver hair hung near their waists. Their pale features and blue eyes studied each other.

“Father, this is wrong, so wrong,” the Nubulan’s son said. “We can’t walk away from this,” he called out when Atrila walked away from him. “We are playing with magic that we don’t have the ability to deal with. Do you trust Hippson? He’s trying to get the magic to adhere to him so he can completely become the Jewel, but what if he is more? Bunthar and Trend are right.”

“You can’t change your vote now, Nala,” Atrila grumbled. Atrila walked into a room with various planets projected on it while space created a beautiful painting between each orb.

“Oh, father, look what we’ve done,” he moaned, looking where dead space was projected in their dome.

Atrila only nodded slowly and softly said, “I know, son,” as he watched another planet dissolve. “Forgive us,” he said, feeling weak. The white energy was drifting away throughout space, taking hope with it. Atrila shook his head. “Go get Trend. Bunthar can’t get him, but we can.” 

When his son came back with a strange looking creature, Atrila shook his head in frustration. “This deal just keeps getting worse and worse. Take him to Gak without anyone seeing. I’m sorry, Trend, we should have listened to you in the first place.”

“Oh, Father what did we do?”

“So much Nala, so much, and not enough,” Atrila said sadly.


“Enough, it was a mistake, and one Finnal didn’t have any control of. We have to move forward, Aiden,” Enif said with a sigh, “and it doesn’t do any of us any good pointing fingers.” He didn’t know how many times Aiden had reminded Finnal of what he’d seen, but at this point he just wanted Aiden to be quiet.

“I saw the images on the wall. I saw Paden’s expression before he left. The look of hurt, I’ve never seen anything so sad. I’ll see his face in my nightmares for years, and they may never leave. I should have stopped him, but I was so shocked at what I saw, that I stood there and let him leave and when Vieln left I still did nothing!” 

“Aiden, look at me,” Enif demanded. “I want you to find Vega and talk to him for a while, will you do that for me?” Aiden nodded and touched his finger on Finnal’s arm, listening to him cry. It seemed like the only sound he ever heard from him lately.

“I’m sorry, I should have done something. It was my responsibility to stop them.”

“No, Aiden, it wasn’t,” Enif said quickly. Alpha was sitting on the floor, watching Finnal. He needed to get both of them out, they were tired and worn out. Alpha was crumpling up dried flower petals and letting them fall to dust on the carpet around him. “Little brother, would you walk with Aiden to see Vega?” Alpha nodded and stood up. “Alpha, I want you to talk to Vega after Aiden. Promise me.” He only nodded and left silently with Aiden. “This is going to put the clan to the test,” Enif said, watching them go.

How long had it been? It all seemed to be a daze, and still, it got worse. Every hour saw the loss of just a bit more white energy.

“No tomorrows,” Finnal moaned, feeling like he was dying. Siena moved Finnal’s sweaty bangs. His tattered soul had fallen apart. The thought that I’d always be in his arms fell away along with promises, past smiles, and laughs. In a way, he died that day in his sister’s arms. Time stood still, and he realized how much he loved me and what he’d lost because he didn’t see a foolish joke.  

Our clan was breaking up pieces of shattered glass. They were leaving to look for me; to look for Vieln. It would be a long time before our clan was whole again.

Hector was howling and whining in the great room.

“He hasn’t stopped since Darius left,” Garrick muttered. It was a sorrowful sound that expressed how everyone was feeling. He sadly looked at the ceiling, watching white energy slowly dissipate from the palace. The animals outside looked up and saw energy evaporate, something my clan couldn’t see.

It seemed like fate was determined to destroy our race, but it forgot one thing, my family members were survivors. No matter where I went, they had already decided they’d find me. If it took a thousand years so be it, it was all they had left.

 “Enif, can I see you a minute?” Begrat asked, ushering him outside. “This way.” When they stepped out, Enif felt his heart beat faster. So many creatures were doing the same thing as Hector. The sounds of the wolvens alone were sad and mournful. “Every creature is crying at the loss.”

“Begrat, he didn’t see who it was, the magic of the pyramid controlled his actions.”

Begrat nodded a few times while looking around. Enif could tell that he had cried because his eyes were red and puffy.

“Look at Paden’s tree.”

“Oh, gods, no,” Enif moaned, looking at my tree. Each branch now displayed brown and dying leaves that drifted to the ground. It wasn’t that it didn’t snow, but it was the middle of the warm months. The grass was already turning brown, and the fields of flowers that usually covered the hills with various splashes of color were wilting and dying.

“What’s next? If I were one of the wildlife, I’d cry too.” Begrat said, turning to stride back into the palace. I was the one that the prophets believed would be the ruin of my home planet, maybe they were right. You can’t take white energy from a planet and expect it to survive.

“Trend, where are you?” Enif complained. He turned around, going back to sit with Finnal. They would try to survive. It was what Eiravians did, and the ones on the planet were stronger than most.

Suddenly Enif stopped in his tracks. He stood looking down in horror at one of my silver chain birds dead on a rock; its neck hanging over it. He fell in front of it and let out one choked sob after another.

“Babe?” He looked up to see Raven who knelt down in front of him. “You need to sleep, you are worn out. Oh, no,” she said, looking at the silver bird. The rest of my chain was littered across the field. She made her way next to Enif and climbed into his arms. “Can we protect them so when we get Paden back, we can have them with us again? It doesn’t seem right that they are gone.” Enif and Raven moved their wands, putting each one in a box as they walked along rocky paths trying to find them all before they went in. On the top of each box, they wrote with their wand Here lays a link in a chain to a brother and friend we need back. At least no other animal could get them. When they looked out, it looked like a graveyard. If they had stayed a moment longer, they would have seen the majestic birds change back into the links of the chain that had kept me in a nightmare.

“They believe tried to get back to Paden. I think that’s all of the chain birds he created,” Enif said sadly. “Let’s go in, there isn’t anything out here,” he said, walking in sadly with his mate.

The world in front of them was as desolate as what was behind them. The disease was growing as the white energy left with each leaf fell to the ground. The only sounds were those of the creatures screaming to be heard and feeling lost. Their life’s blood was slowly drifting away from them in the form of white energy.


 “Go, go, go,” Bunthar ordered, turning Trend back to his true form. It had taken several spells to undo Hippson’s spell, but he was just as powerful. “You can find him. At this point, stay with him, hold him. He’s alone; they broke his bond and mark.”

“Gods, why?” Trend complained, changing and disappearing.

He found me rocking on the ground, holding my head and crying. “I’m here, can you feel my arms, Paden? I’m right here.” I fell into his embrace, screaming against his chest. “Let’s find a place for us to live.” The only thing I was aware of was that someone was rubbing my back and talking to me. No one told me when I got my bond and mark what it would feel like if it was ripped apart. I guess because maybe it didn’t happen much, they didn’t think about it; they should have. It was like a living creature that was squirming in its last moments of death and it made life unbearable. “Oh, Paden, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Come to me,” a voice said, pulling me into his arms and rocking with me. A silent scream tore from me as my fingers gripped hold of his shirt. For a moment, I thought it was Finnal then that thought came crashing down, and I knew it would never be him again.

“I have you, Paden,” a warm voice said once more. “Fools, they were fools,” he cried. “You just can’t take our bond and mark away. I know you think you want to die, but your story is far from over.” I closed my eyes, but shadows surrounded me with each broken heartbeat. At this point, I didn’t want to get back up and feel my heart beat again. I wanted to immerse myself in those shadows until I felt nothing and faded away; anything would be better than the hurt I was feeling now.

“Paden, don’t give up, it’s going to get better,” Trend beseeched. “Gods, I’m sorry. Try to sleep.” He said a small spell, helping me relax in his arms. “It’s been awhile since I’ve held a man,” Trend said, feeling tears fall on his cheeks. “If I didn’t have Grendolin… But I love him,” he said. He looked down at me in his arms before pulling me into his embrace and trying to sleep. “You’re always going to be like my little brother nothing more, I wish you could remember me when you were younger, it would help.”

 Later that night my eyes tried to focus on the dark-haired Eiravian that was fixing a fire. “Finnal,” I moaned. He turned around coming closer to me. “Paden, can you see me? Please try to see who it is.” He sighed when my eyes closed again. “Rock bottom right, Hippson? I never thought I’d be mad at you, but you’ve achieved it,” Trend roared. 

Hippson appeared behind him. “You can’t stay with him.” 


About Memory of Me

Darius thought he could make it through anything, he was strong and had an inner strength that could pull him through the various trials of his life. However, his strength is going to be put to the ultimate test. Will he be able to cope when he realizes the weapon of destruction could actually be the one thing he lives for? Sometimes the greatest love is the greatest pain.

For the first time, everyone understands the prophecy told so long ago that Darius would be the end of the everything. The loss of white energy would destroy not only him but those he loved and the places he protected. 

An ominous journey to beyond the here and now with two of the greatest powers of the universe is the only way to begin to right what has gone so sorely wrong.

Join Darius in his latest and most important adventure. The fate of so many not only depends on righting so many wrongs, but on understanding and forgiveness.

Memory of Me will thrill and excite you with its heart-rending story.

Available at: Amazon


About Jess Thomas

Jess Thomas was born in the mid-west and she has a natural love for nature and animals. A gentle creature born to loving parents who believed in seeing the world for all its beauty, she learned the imperfections in life were something to be treasured and seen as a learning experience. An artist from an early age, she went to art school where she got a degree in drawing and painting, photography, and in Art Education. In 2009, she laid down her paintbrush and she picked up writing and channeling her creative energy in a fresh direction. A new writer, she pours sensitivity and her love of the world she has created into her emotions and the characters who live there.

Find out more about Jess on her Facebook Author Page.

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