Book Review: Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: Alpha Night
Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling Trinity #4
Hero/Heroine: Selenka & Ethan
Genre: M/F Urban Fantasy
Length: 368 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: June 9, 2020
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Alpha wolf Selenka Durev’s devotion to her pack is equaled only by her anger at anyone who would harm those under her care. That currently includes the empaths who’ve flowed into her city for a symposium that is a security nightmare, a powder keg just waiting for a match.

Ethan Night is an Arrow who isn’t an Arrow. Numb and disengaged from the world, he’s loyal only to himself. Assigned as part of the security force at a world-first symposium, he carries a dark agenda tied to the power-hungry and murderous Consortium. Then violence erupts and Ethan finds himself crashing into the heart and soul of an alpha wolf.

Mating at first sight is a myth, a fairytale. Yet Selenka’s wolf is resolute: Ethan Night, broken Arrow and a man capable of obsessive devotion, is the mate it has chosen. Even if the mating bond is full of static and not quite as it should be. Because Selenka’s new mate has a terrible secret, his mind surging with a power that is a creature of madness and death…



This one is definitely one of my new favorites of the series. In fact, as soon as I finished it, I read it again! I honestly am not sure how to review this one because I loved it so much and couldn’t get enough of these two. The chemistry between them is so potent, it leaked off the pages. I loved that this one was slightly different than the others in the series with the mating at first sight. At first, I wasn’t sure how the mating at first sight could happen because of how the females are the ones that have to accept their mates in the other books before a mating can take place and female shifters are very hesitant on doing that until they’re sure about a mate. However, I soon stopped worrying about that because Selenka and Ethan grabbed all of my attention immediately.

My absolute favorites of the series are the Arrows because they’re so deadly but they have such a sense of honor and it’s interesting to see them adapt with their new way of life and new emotions. With Ethan, he’s different because he’s doesn’t really feel anything so he does things hoping that he’ll feel something but nothing works. Until he meets Selenka and he starts feeling things he never knew he could feel, which brings on an almost obsessive protective instinct in him. With Selenka, as a female alpha wolf, she already possessives those instincts but when she meets Ethan, her wolf immediately recognizes him as her mate and triggers the mating bond. Neither know what’s really happening because mating at first sight is not a ‘thing’ but I loved seeing them navigate the waters of their new bond.

What I really loved about this one, though, is how easily Selenka and Ethan fit together. Not many can take Selenka but a no nonsense, blunt Arrow definitely can. Selenka can let her claws out and Ethan won’t back down but he has her back 100% (even if he doesn’t agree with something she does) when he needs to support her in front of others, which is what Selenka has always wanted and I loved seeing Ethan, unknowingly, knock down the walls Selenka has built up with that blind faith in Selenka. Plus, Ethan won over not just Selenka but Selenka’s family and her pack very quickly with his softness for those weaker than him. I also really adored seeing Selenka bring Ethan back from the edge and help him through a possible new power that he knows will kill him. It was intriguing seeing Ethan fight those feelings while also fighting to keep Selenka safe and Selenka trying to figure out how to save her mate from a psychic problem.

All in all, this was an amazing story that I’m already wanting to read a third time. It is definitely one of my favorites in the series because I love the deadly Arrow mixed with the deadly she-wolf. I loved the push/pull between them, the chemistry and the easy way they fit together. I also loved seeing them deal with both wolf and Psy problems and how both of them were able to contribute to those scenarios. It was a phenomenal story and I loved being back in Russia and exploring the wolf shifter side of things. I l adored everything about this story and everyone should definitely read it but I wouldn’t advise reading it unless you’ve read the entire Psy-Changeling and Psy-Changeling Trinity series or you may be slightly confused.

Overall Impression: It was amazing!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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