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Appeal To You by Jaclyn Quinn: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Appeal To You

by Jaclyn Quinn

“Did you draw that?” Avery pointed to a picture of the Grim Reaper he’d done ages ago. As Avery stood there studying it, Ryder wondered if maybe he saw something Ryder didn’t.

“Yeah. Not my finest work, but…” Ryder peeled his T-shirt over his head and tossed it on the chair in the corner.

“That’s really damn good for not being your finest”—Avery turned, his gaze scanning the length of Ryder’s bare skin—“work.” He rubbed his hands nervously together, averting his eyes. “I should go.”

Ryder took the few steps needed to be right in front of the sexy man. “Why are you fighting this so damn hard?” He moved in closer, glancing down between their bodies. “And I do mean hard.”

A low growl rumbled in Avery’s chest as he moved forward, backing Ryder up against the nearest wall—and hell fucking yes was there heat in those gorgeous, Caribbean blue eyes. 

Avery pressed closer, holding Ryder’s arms down next to his sides, their cocks aligning through their pants. “Because you’re about to pass out from exhaustion, and I’ve been here once before.” Avery leaned in and licked Ryder’s bottom lip, and Ryder just about came right then in his goddamn jeans. “Do you know the difference between you and me, Ryder?” Avery rubbed his soft lips against Ryder’s, sliding the tip of his tongue in only enough for Ryder to get a teasing taste.

“What? What’s the…? What the fuck is the difference?” Jesus Christ, the man was melting all logical thought with just the tip of his delicious tongue.

Avery moved his mouth across Ryder’s jaw, licking a path up to Ryder’s ear. “When I’m drunk, I could get you from Jersey to anywhere and back. I remember everything.” Avery let go of Ryder’s left arm but growled, “Don’t move.” 

“Hot damn,” Ryder whispered, but through his lust-filled haze, Avery’s words…from Jersey to anywhere and back…teased some distant corner of his mind.

Avery slid his hand over Ryder’s erection, and Ryder’s eyes fucking crossed then pressed closed from sheer desire. “I’m telling you right now”—Avery kissed Ryder again, but it was still barely enough to taste him—“if I ever take this”—he slid both hands back behind Ryder, cupping each rounded cheek—“you can literally bet your ass you’ll fucking remember it.”

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