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Detour by Sid Love: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Detour

by Sid Love

I stepped out of his embrace and stared at him, he looked so different at that moment. Attractive. Appealing. His calm, green eyes and his skin glowed in the light. His lips were plump, my mouth felt dry.

“Why are you looking at me like th…?”

Before he could finish, I grabbed his face and kissed him hard. I didn’t care about anything in that moment. I only knew I had to kiss him because my attraction for him was overpowering.

He broke away, unnerved. I smiled to show it was okay and he grinned widely. Grabbing my lower lip between his, he licked it. I moaned when he bit it. His hands snaked around my torso and traveled down to find my butt cheeks, squeezing them hard. I gasped into the kiss.

He picked me up like I weighed nothing and dropped me on the bed. Taking the wallet and note from me, he placed them, together with his laptop next to his pillows, safely on the nightstand. Concentrating on me, his eyes roamed my body from top to bottom. “Man, this must be my lucky day!” he declared huskily.

I giggled and watched him crawl over me. Breathlessly, I stopped laughing when he eyed me with a serious face. “What?” I whispered. Continue reading

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Book Review: Detour by Sid Love

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: Detour
Author: Sid Love
Heroes: Austin Reyes/Dylan Carver
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 226 Pages
Publisher: Cool Dudes Publishing
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb: Austin Reyes works as a bartender to support his ailing mother in a small town called Eaton. But his life takes a horrible turn when his boss’ son, Caleb, arrives in town and forces himself upon Austin. There is no end to Caleb’s lustful intentions. Austin leaves Eaton and flees to Denver to start a new life when his mother commits suicide after succumbing to depression. There, he meets Dylan Carver.

Dylan is out and proud. He’s also a well-known actor in the porn industry. When haters damage his car, Austin, now homeless and destitute, is injured and Dylan helps him. In the immediate aftermath, Dylan develops more than a passing interest for Austin, and, though they part ways, chance meetings never stop.

Austin lets Dylan in on the secret about his past, but soon realizes that the man who looked so happy on the outside, has his own baggage. Unbeknownst to them, someone is plotting to get Austin killed.

Even while surrounded by danger, Austin and Dylan’s relationship takes a detour that was always meant to be. Will this detour be Dylan’s undoing? Will Austin finally come to terms with his mother’s suicide and follow his own truth? Or will their lives implode?
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Book Review: Uncommon Valor by Rachel Ravenheart

Reviewed by Susan65

1Title: Uncommon Valor
Author: Rachel Ravenheart
Heroes: Jason/Chase
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 172 Pages
Publisher: Cool Dudes Publishing
Release Date: July 22, 2015
Available at:  Amazon
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Blurb: Jason has just buried his brother, Sam, who was also his confidant. No one, other than Sam and Jason’s best friend, knew Jason is gay and, after the funeral he meets Sam’s superior officer Lt. Chase Johnson, who has a letter for him. In the next few days after the funeral, Chase’s platoon is reassigned to Miramar and he invites Jason to Jason to their new abode to meet a few members of the platoon to which Sam had been assigned before he died. Jason approaches Chase with Sam’s letter because he can’t bring himself to read it without coming to tears.

But, Chase has had feelings for Jason ever since Sam had been assigned to his platoon and has little hope of anything coming from it. He finally decides to take a chance to see if maybe his feelings will be returned.

Then Jason is hit with the news that he is about to be a father from a night he doesn’t even remember and the girl is intent on forcing Jason to marry her. Chase supports Jason when his father demands he marry the mother even though he doesn’t love her, and when Jason refuses, he is disowned immediately. Out of spite, the angry woman outs Jason to his father. Chase continues to show his compassion by being there for him. But will Jason stand by Chase when he is blackmailed to get him out of Jason’s life.

Realizing that Jason wants nothing to do with her, Tina places the baby up for adoption, but Jason blocks her plans by filing his own papers declaring that he is the father and he has paternal rights.

Continue reading

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